let’s blame women for what men do

let’s blame women for what men do May 16, 2013
let's blame women for what men do cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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I appreciate people sending me ideas for cartoons. So yesterday I had several people inform me that Pat Robertson was up to it again. Sometimes things are served to you on a silver platter. And sometimes I get tired of the same old stuff. But I couldn’t let this one go. This man has a lot of influence so I felt like taking this one on.

You can check out the video where Robertson responds to a woman asking how to forgive her husband who cheated on her. His advice? Men have a tendency to wander, so she needs to make the home more enticing so he doesn’t want to stray. Men cheat. He also advises her to quit complaining if he provides her with a home to live in, food to eat, and clothes to wear. It’s a plus if he’s nice to the kids and handsome. Her job is to make the home so wonderful that he or his eyes won’t want to wander or look at porn. It reminds me of when he said that “awful-looking women” can cause marriages to fail. Women shouldn’t just lie there all “slatternly looking”. They’ve got to fix themselves up and look pretty. She should quit complaining about her husband’s infidelity or flirtatiousness with other women or hassling him about it and just make herself as attractive as possible. I bet that made her feel better!

I suggest that Robertson is just the most obvious presentation of a prevalent, deep-rooted attitude towards women. We see it every day in the news where women are blamed for rape, sexual harassment and abuse.

Women are the scapegoats for male and rape culture. The idea of the scapegoat is that the sins of the people are put upon the goat, and then the goat is exiled into the wilderness or sacrificed, taking the sin with it. So, as Robertson suggests, a husband can sin against his wife, place the burden of blame for his sin upon her, then punish her for it, leaving him exonerated and innocent.

The woman in the cartoon is the scapegoat for the company she works for. She’s been sexually harassed by a man at the company. Maybe he holds an important position there. She reports the incident. The sin is placed upon her and she is sacrificed for the sake of the company. She is exiled from the community, leaving the community exonerated and innocent and able to go on with its business as usual with a clean slate.

The concept of the scapegoat is entirely biblical so it must be okay (Leviticus 16:10).

Tell me this ain’t so.

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  • Jenny Howard

    Excellent, David. My social justice mood this morning is a lot more like pissed off than reformative, so this sits well with me.

  • Aviatrix

    Unfortunately, this still happens. However, if the woman in the cartoon documents the incident(s) and management’s retribution-as-response and retains a lawyer she can sue their sorry asses off. Attitudes may be same old same old, but employment case law has moved forward and is clearly on her side… Still doesn’t fix Pat Robertson, though – but I think he’s a hopeless case.

  • This reminds me of the dentist who fired his assistant because he was attracted to her, but didn’t realize it for many years.

    “Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the Church” I’m pretty sure that Christ loves the Church no matter what, and won’t go starting a new planet because we were wearing our yoga pants too much. (I kinda got mixed up there, but you get the idea)


  • Al Cruise

    For all the fundies that take everything literal, what spin do they put on the verse “And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.”

  • elderyl

    In Islam, if there are not 4 witnesses to a rape, the woman may be imprisoned or honor killed. This happens. Sexism is not just in the church, and as horrific as Robertson’s idiotic comments are, they are a reflection of how men use religion to demean and control women all over the world. It isn’t always this way in the Church. My m

    ale pastor refuses to let us sing songs with exclusively masculine pronouns for God. This kind of limits what we can sing and led to a choir director quitting. A woman choir director. But, it also lays the path for zero tolerance of sexism and abuse of women.

  • Adam Julians

    This is one reason why I don’t watch God TV. How does an idiot like him get so much kudos. Can’t he see that the woman in question is hurting and it’s more than being about meeting the husband’s needs so he doesn’t stray? I didn’t see any empathy for her feelings.Why would his advice be boutgh into wihtout question and why was the other presenterso ready to defer to him?

    Of course forgiveness is about loving as he says, holding hands, etc. BUT how do you do with anger, hurt, fear, etc inside. Ignore those feelings and they just get buried down and come out in unhealthy ways. He is not acknoledging the pain and the need for healing for both of them that his actions will have caused to them as individuals and to the relationship.

    He talked about her responsibilities. What about the husband;s responsibilities to love? Part of the deal will be in him earning back the trust that has been broken, and caring for her in the hurt she has expereinced. The advice was too one sided. Her heart needs to be cherished as well.

  • John Taylor

    And people will buy right into what Pat says. What planet is this man from? Ridiculous!

  • Al Cruise

    There are several high profile mega church leaders beating the drum on the role of men in church today, how they need to be the leaders, and women should be in submission, and they talk about how they are the “protectors” of women, ie.”take a punch for her” or “guard her heart” . But in cases like in David’s cartoon, the first thing they do, is throw the woman under the bus to protect their male buddies ass. I have seen it in church many times.The stench of their hypocrisy is enough to make a maggot puke.

  • Adam Julians

    I hear ya Al,

    I wonder if this is a cultural thing. I’m in Scotland, and I don;t see it as being as much of an issue over here. For example in the Church of Scotland around 50% of ordained ministers are women. There are churches here that do have men only as leaders too.

    It’s not going to be one that is easily resolved where there are strongly held differences in theologival view on leadership. Whatever anyone thinks about the ordaining of women, it’s never OK to throw the woman under the bus as you rightly describe what was happening in the clip – disgusting.

    I wonder if Pat Robertson is one of those guys that come across as being in charge but when he gets home, is odered about by his wife and bows to her whims. Woudn’t that be funny?

    If more people (I’m keeping gender out of it) in the church who wanted to be leaders thought about being servants of everyone and did as Christ did and loves first i.e. submitted first with sacrificial living then we would be in a lot better place. I want to hear it being preached about the sacrificial Christ likeness of the husband in tandem with the submission of the woman. I want to hear equality – mutual submission.

    When I see church leaders walking aroung in $5,000 suits preaching prosperity living in mansions with high security, while their congregations are funding that lifesyle, I have to question where their loyalty is – is it to money or to God?

  • one-sided advice is what the fundies do best

  • men may be from mars, but pat robertson is from uranus
    —sorry, bad joke, but i just couldnt resist!

  • I agree Pat Robertson should be called out, but can we not be ableist when doing so? (Words like “idiot”, “stupid”, “dumb”, “moron” are all ableist slurs.) Say he’s being his ridiculous self, or something like that. Just don’t be ableist.

  • tim tiff

    Why do people still listen and watch is program? Better yet, stop sending him your hard earned money for his silly program, he is just getting rich off you folks.

  • Adam Julians

    I hear what you say with your question about bein ablist when using a word like idiot as I have done. What do you think to Jesus calling pharisees vipers, blind fools, whitewahsed tombs, making people twices as fir for hell as they were? By your definition, that would make Jesus ablieist.

    I would call Pat Robertson an idiot for the advice he gave. And I would call someone else a blind fool too. This might not fit with what you would want me or others be like in conduct, but that doesn’t automatically mean it is appropriate to rebuke someone for being liek that.

    Think about it.

  • JKPS

    After being sexually harassed/assaulted on church property, it became immediately clear that while the offender wasn’t welcome back on the property, neither was I. So yeah, you’re spot on here.