Exodus International Closes Its Doors Forever

Exodus International Closes Its Doors Forever June 20, 2013
exodus international is dead cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
Exodus International Is Dead!

Alan Chambers, the head of Exodus International, a ministry devoted to “change therapy” for gays and lesbians, has announced that it is shutting down permanently.

He has also issued an apology for all the pain and hurt many have experienced at the hands of this ministry.

You can read a news article here, as well as Exodus International’s own announcement, along with Chambers’ apology, here.

This ministry has been in operation for 37 years and has wreaked havoc on countless lives. I’m glad this giant ministry, the oldest and largest in this endeavor, is finished.

My hope is that it leads the way for other such ministries to their graves as well.

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  • PaulC

    To be honest I think it’s nothing short of a miracle.

  • AidenSeanachaidh

    I doubt that this choice was made as an act of kindness, or one of a change of heart. Most likely it was a pragmatic business decision intended to reduce any damage to Alan Chamber’s “brand”. The profit potential for religious opposition to homosexuality is drying up, but there are still religion based profit opportunities out there. He is just abandoning a rapidly sinking ship. A ship cannot sink fast enough…

  • As long as this new org they are spinning up isn’t the same thing just redressed to appeal to the cool kids.

    But either way, this is still amazing.

  • I’m suspicious as well. Remove Fear I think. I believe that Chambers, even though he himself admits to same-sex attraction, still holds to a conservative view of homosexuality and the bible. Wait and see I guess.

  • Caryn LeMur

    David! Your cartoon was the first of this I heard! This is now ‘the hot news’ buzzing among the believers that have a same-sex orientation!

    Here is what I wrote on my Facebook page.

    So stunned and amazed at the news that Exodus International will shut down! Although Exodus caused incredible suffering through the many years of its existence, the current director Alan Chambers had the integrity to come to grips with the great Exodus ship hitting the iceberg of God’s love and acceptance – even towards the gay Christian that wished to celebrate their sexual orientation and marry the same sex partner for life. Alan seems to have tried to turn the ship around, but realized the drive of its horrid history ensured the impact with God was too severe and cut into their steel too deeply. Alan has wisely decided to show integrity, and allow the ship of Exodus International to be scuttled to the deep. I am amazed, and stunned.

    Much praise to Michael Bussee and the other survivors of Exodus theology that met with Lisa Ling for her documentary (to be aired tonight, by the way). Much praise to other leaders of ex-gay “ministries” that renounced their earlier positions and apologized: Darlene, John Schmidt, John Paulk, and others. May the Lord give Joe Dallas the courage to follow suit; and Andrew Comiskey a depth of insight into the Book of Galatians and an ability to repent of his desire to live ‘under the yoke of the law of Moses’.

    Today is a day to celebrate, indeed. Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

    Thank you again for your post, David! So excited! God moves!!! YES!!!

  • Cool. Thanks Caryn!

  • ragingrev

    I needed some good news like this.

  • klhayes

    If you have access to a TV that has the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Channel), there is going to be an follow to journalist Lisa Ling’s “Gods and Gays” where she talks to Chambers and some others she previously interviewed. It should be good.

  • BW

    It is difficult to express the range of emotions your post exposed. After 20 years of believing in the elusive “healing” Exodus offered I walked away believing either I had failed or God had failed me. I am feeling both a deep sense of relief and a desire to grieve all that I lost during those years. Thank you David for continuing to provide a place for my heart.

  • Dennis Irwin

    Not sure about that….this ship has been sailing since autumn last year, with a lot of folks bailing because of Chambers’ viewpoint. Idk….it’s hard to figure out some folks’ agenda nowadays. I did read in this article that some have started new ministries:


  • you’re welcome BW

  • When things are wicked simply by definition, the solution is simple: change the definition.