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pick your religion pick your tee July 6, 2013
awesome god tee cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
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Many Christians live sheltered lives. Like most people in any religion. It’s called ghettoization. They develop their own belief, culture, tradition, ritual, language.

It’s when they meet someone else, especially someone else who is a good person, from another religion, another ghetto, that their neat categories get messed up.


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  • Jesus said (remember Him?),

    “There is no one good but God.”

    And God is the One who raised Jesus from the dead.

  • Pat68

    So true. And for some Christians, just meeting someone who is of a different race, culture, sexual orientation or socio-economic background is enough to shake up their neat categories.

  • Al Cruise

    Your a very good example of what David is saying, I will use it at our next service.

  • Thank you!

    Then Jesus will at least get mentioned. I hope.

    For it is not about me. But about Him.

  • klhayes

    People also fail to forget that Yahweh/God/Allah is the same. Fundies should know that Abraham also fathered Ishmael, whose descendants were the Beduoins(sp?), or modern day Muslims. Like it or not, there are blood ties there if you take the Bible literally.

  • SnowHappy

    You didn’t get what Al was saying. He was being sarcastic.

    Let me rephrase him for you:

    Steve, you are a perfect example of a ghettoized Christian.

  • hehe

  • Pat68

    Actually, I believe Steve did get it. I think he knew how it was meant and was responding in kind.

  • Al Cruise

    No I’m not being sarcastic, This is classic example of idealistic totalism. It is all about Steve, If he were about Jesus he wouldn’t be arguing here, He would out helping the poor,outcasts, visiting prisoners, making arrangements to take orphans, single moms, into his home, giving all his extra money to people who need it etc. If you are going out and proclaiming his name with the passion he does and do not follow through in example, then you are a hypocrite. You can’t do just a few token deeds through your Church like we support some missions or this food bank,etc, things that make you look good, and give you reason to spout off about easily, but are not really much of a personal sacrifice. Jesus can see right through that phoniness. Yes it’s all about Steve being right. Steve – Jesus has a message for you,”sell your computer, cell phone, tablet, and give the money to the poor and then go and follow him.”

  • Get off it, Al.

    St. Paul spent a lot of time and space arguing for ‘Christ, alone’.

    It’s ALL about Jesus. He is the One who will be judging us. Not me. Not Al.

    I do find it quite comforting that the very One who will be judging us, is that same one who forgave us from the cross.

    There, Al. Notice how I brought it all back to ‘me’?

  • Al Cruise

    Just sharing with you who the real Jesus is. You take or leave it. Your choice.

  • I’ll buy that, Al.

    And I do think you are right. There’s not a one of us who can measure up.

    We all need a Savior.

  • Al Cruise

    Steve, do not compare yourself to Paul. Paul did his mission work under total persecution, he was flogged many times, thrown into prison, several attempts were made to kill him. He had to keep on move, often without food or sleep. Had no worldly possessions . Often faced harm to his personal safety from his fellow Jews. You operate from the evangelical bully pulpit, that was built upon the fears of millions and millions of people, by the use of intimidation, guilt tripping and the taking advantage of people’s weaknesses.You speak from an arena of safety, privileges and comforts that Paul didn’t even dream about.

  • Matthew Parker

    Lucky Steve, he only has to suffer persecution from you, Al.

  • Steelwheels

    The more categories you have the more messed up you may be. I hope I have just one category. Those who want to be disciples of Jesus and those who don’t.

  • You just don’t get it, do you Al?

    I in no way am comparing myself to Paul. But I have merely pointed out the great lengths that Paul went to preserve the gospel of Jesus Christ and Him alone.

    That’s it for me in this thread. I have made my point as well as I can.

    If it wasn’t good enough…so be it.

  • Steelwheels

    Yahweh/God/Allah are the same? It depends. Entymologically there is similarity. However, ontologically, the Allah of Islam is not the same as the God of Christianity.

  • Gary

    Al most definitely “gets it”.