the anger clock: time to stop being angry NOW

the anger clock: time to stop being angry NOW August 21, 2013

the anger clock cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
you can get a print of the anger clock by clicking here

Anger. Scary emotion. But real. In fact, necessary and even healthy. One of the stages of grief. You can’t avoid it. You can’t rush it. But you can get over it.

Give it all the time it needs. Don’t let people turn it around to make it your fault or a symptom of your weakness. Don’t allow people to guilt you into thinking you’re sinning when you’re angry. They are just spiritualizing their discomfort and protecting the perpetrator and blaming the victim. This is normal. People are so uncomfortable with anger that they will leap from 12:00 to 12:55 in a split second, blaming you for the sudden increase in temperature in the room. Blaming the victim is a way to shut down conflict immediately rather than really deal with the issues, which takes a lot of honesty, wisdom, grace, courage and hard work.

But don’t go there. Take your time. I’ve seen it work! When people are allowed to grieve and get angry, they eventually find their way past it because most people don’t want to stay there. That’s my experience and observation.

Don’t rush it. It won’t bypass you. Let it flow through you. Don’t damn it up. But indeed let it flow through you and just like there was a day it entered there will be a day it leaves.

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