The Clandestine Christ

The Clandestine Christ August 16, 2013
clandestine christ cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

I created a motto I live by: What is real remains; what is false falls away.

With the rise of fundamentalism we are, I trust, witnessing the rise of equality for all. After all, that’s what fundamentalism is: a reactionary response to what it fears, can’t control, and hates which begins defensively but often ends offensively.

Rather than assuming the old method of working within the system to affect change, many completely bypass established systems to create alternative lifestyles and communities. They give themselves the permission they used to seek from authorities to be and have what they want and need. It is a fierce and defiant independence unleashing its power.

There is a subversive, clandestine movement whose freedom the fearful mistake for lawlessness. But this movement no longer recognizes or respects those laws that are at least unfair and at worst oppressive.

Freedom, justice and equality for all!

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nakedpastor’s goodbye video to patheos

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  • Gary

    Absolutely LOVE it.

    I don’t know how you keep coming up with such great ideas…but much of your recent work has been brilliant. I mean I have always loved what you do…but it seems as if you have stepped it up a notch lately and are really on the cutting edge so to speak.

  • Thanks Gary. I do feel like I’ve caught the very end of the tail of something I thought at first was a small creature but am beginning to wonder if it’s actually a dragon!

  • Gary

    LOL – Yeah I bet it does feel like that at times.

  • klhayes

    hahahahahahaha! That is AWESOME!!! Even when I was actively involved in the Church, I never mindlessly went along with the dogmas and rules and would disagree if it did not feel right. But that always made me feel like I was never part of the inner circle but now I see that as a good thing and that maybe I was not the only one.

  • klhayes

    Dave, this should totally be a t-shirt!

  • 🙂

  • Brandi Eissinger

    Absolutely Love this one! I agree with Gary – while you’re always brilliant, you’re incredibly outshining yourself recently.

  • gee. blushing 😉

  • sweet

  • Andy

    If you were consistent, David, wouldn’t you also oppose Modernism? Aren’t you against the institutional Church in general, in favor of looser-organized ekklesias such as your Lasting Supper concept? That includes both Mainline Liberal churches and Fundamentalist Conservative churches, sir.

  • I think, Andy… “sir” since we’re using terms of respect or derision (I’m not sure which)… if you read me more carefully you would see that I’m not against the institutional church but the abuses within them. More power to them if they work for people!

  • Jeremy

    ”Equality for all!”…..except for those who don’t support homosexuality. …militancy against them!

  • Gary

    I think you are really confused.

    It is sad but true that those in power, committing egregious abuses against a minority, will often act as if it is THEY are the ones who are being abused when asked to stop committing the abuse.

    Seriously…How fucked up is that?

  • Jeremy

    How tolerant! I’ve never been in power…have been terribly abused by power hungry people myself…and now simply cos i stick to what i believe in…am accused of being confused….How inclusive and accepting! And your words show that ”freedom, justice and equality for all!” …does not work in regard to those who don’t toe the gay normalization party line….the gay fundamentalist ideology uses militant terms like ‘homophobia’ to label any opposition. No one is allowed to simply not agree with it….They MUST accept it! Fascism is alive and well!

  • Gary

    I will NEVER be “inclusive and accepting” of a belief system that `marginalizes and causes significant harm to a group of people based upon their intrinsic characteristics. This is called bigotry and it is ugly. The damage to these individuals caused by the church induced homophobic hysteria is catastrophic. Unequal rights, bullying, abuse, murder, suicides, all because of a false teaching.

    Abusive and discriminatory views are not equal and they do not represent just another valid point of view. Prejudice against homosexuals is simply the current version of the civil rights struggles in this country. I am just as opposed to those who say they “don’t support” racial equality. It is not simply another point of view…it is immoral.

  • Jeremy

    ”And we will jail those who don’t not accept homosexuality”…it won’t be long before this is happening. In fact it already is. Do not offend the Gaystapo!
    What is a ‘false teaching’? What is ‘immoral’? …whatever you define it as..

  • Gary

    Don’t be absurd. Incorrect beliefs are not “immoral” unless they are causing harm to other individuals. You have the right to believe the sun is purple if you like. You do NOT have the right to discriminate against and cause harm to come to individuals who do not share your belief in a purple sun. You have the right to prefer white people over black people. But you do not have the right to seek to withhold rights or cause harm to said black people simply based on the color of their skin. Same is true of homosexuality.

  • Jeremy

    “You do NOT have the right”…another absolute in a sea of relativism

  • Gary

    So you believe you have the right to deny rights and to discriminate based upon race? Because I am pretty sure the laws of our country (and most civilised nations) declare absolutely that “You do NOT have the right” to do so. Just try to engage in discriminatory hiring practices, or put up a sign as a business owner serving the public that (insert denigrated race here) are not welcome. And should you commit an act of violence against another race and it is deemed racially motivated you will suffer additional penalties.

    I can’t believe I am really having to explain this to you.

  • Jeremy

    by equating this issue with ‘race’ issue, this is the way to ‘normalise’ the gay lifestyle… I don’t even consider there to be different ‘races’. We are all one race…no such things as blacks or whites or anything else. This is getting off the topic

    This is pointless discussing here…the relativistic sea is always shifting…and online, people find it easier to define others in a box …

  • Gary

    If homosexuality is a “lifestyle”, then so is heterosexuality. Both are based on an intrinsic characteristic. Which is why it is very much like racial bigotry. By referring to it as a “lifestyle” you are seeking to further marginalize and discriminate, and to then somehow “normalize” that discrimination.

    Besides…there is no need for anyone to seek to “normalize” homosexuality since it has been a normal part of humanity in fairly consistent percentages for millennia.

    And you’re right in that it is pointless for you to argue for bigotry here. Bigotry is based mostly upon a blend of ignorance and prejudice, neither of which is a foundation that can withstand rational and/or logical analysis.

  • Jeremy

    Your’e arguing for bigotry…Stop being bigoted and discriminatory against my views!
    Again,,what is logic in a sea of relativism?

  • Gary

    Now that’s cute. Hey Einstein…open a dictionary and look the term up.


  • Jeremy, I happen to believe that Jesus was gay and acted on his intrinsic characteristic on at least one occasion.
    Now don’t yourself be bigoted and discriminate against my views! 🙂

  • Sven2547

    What do you mean by “militancy”? I don’t see anyone trying to abolish your marriage, bar you from military service, or ban you from adopting children.

  • Dorfl

    “What is a ‘false teaching’? What is ‘immoral’? ..whatever you define it as.”

    “…another absolute in a sea of relativism”

    “…the relativistic sea is always shifting…”

    “[…] what is logic in a sea of relativism?”

    This is a perfect example of a rhetorical move I’ve seen used so very many times by right-wing Christians. It goes something like this:

    1. Make up a demented caricature of your opponent’s opinion.

    2. Point out that the caricature is demented.

    So far, it’s just an ordinary strawman. The interesting bit is the second half:

    3. Point out that your opponent’s words and actions don’t even match the caricature you made.

    4. Call them out for being a hypocrite.

    I don’t know if there is a name for this manoeuvre. I’m going to call it ‘strawman with extra twist’ if there isn’t. Jeremy performs it perfectly when he:

    Notes that Gary doesn’t agree with him about what is right or wrong. Concludes that Gary must therefore be a moral relativist with no concept of right and wrong. Keeps pointing out that Gary very clearly does consider certain things to be right or wrong.

  • I really like your observation: ‘What fundamentalism is: a reactionary response to what it fears, can’t control, and hates which begins defensively but often ends offensively.’ And I never thought of the rise of fundamentalism as correlating to progress.

  • Jeremy, I don’t think it is militancy; rather it is pushback against arrogance, condescension, and particularly the attempt to force one’s views on others.

  • mirele

    Time passes; the only thing that changes is the group that’s hated upon by the church. Instead of loving one’s neighbor as oneself, there always has to be an enemy, a scapegoat. The current scapegoat are GLBT people. I’m old enough to remember when interracial marriage was a heinous sin, and divorce, well, divorced people couldn’t possibly be in the church. (I’m not even going to get into the rhetoric about segregation that you used to hear over the pulpit in the USA when I was a child.) Then more marriages ended and the church had to adjust to that (although it’s not done it very well). So the church had to find another scapegoat–GLBT persons.

    The two great commandments are love God and love your neighbor as yourself. If you truly loved your GLBT neighbor, you wouldn’t persecute them, try to deny them homes, jobs and the intimate relationships you crave. But you do. I don’t want a part of that, thank you very much for reminding me yet again why I don’t go to church.

  • Jeannine Engle Buntrock

    Oh, I LOVE this – the cartoon and your words.

  • Jeannine Engle Buntrock

    Thank you Gary – agree 100%.

  • Jeannine Engle Buntrock

    This is total hysteria. Jail time? Seriously?

  • Jeannine Engle Buntrock

    If you don’t believe homosexuality is right, then don’t do it. If it’s not directly (and undeniably) hurting you or others, then why is it such an issue to you at all?

    Do you think God needs you to stand up for him somehow? Isn’t he, surely, bigger than that? If he wants to change people, why not let him do it?

  • Jeannine Engle Buntrock

    Again, totally agree, Gary. These debates always start with someone framing homosexuality as a choice. (For many) it’s not until you know and love someone who is gay, and see clearly that it was never a choice for them, that you can see the issue in a very different light.

    People are so multi-faceted too – it always amazes me when people get so stuck on just one facet of an individual.

  • Jeannine Engle Buntrock

    Agreed, Mirele.

  • Jeannine Engle Buntrock

    People disagreeing with you is not militancy. (That was your premise.) It’s disagreement. You’re free to disagree, but not free to stop someone from making a personal choice for themselves.

  • mirele

    This guy used to be the Archbishop of Canterbury. He says bluntly that “Christians in Britain and the US who claim they are persecuted should ‘grow up’ and not exaggerate what amounts to feeling ‘mildly uncomfortable.'”

    Are your churches being burned down (like the Coptic Christians are currently experiencing in Egypt)? Are you being thrown in jail for your unpleasant beliefs regarding GLBT persons? (Why no, you’re not.) Rather, you’re being confronted with the fact that people are not buying your crap about evil GLBT persons anymore. So you’re uncomfortable. That is hardly persecution. Get over yourself.

  • thanks jeannine

  • Jeremy

    an assumption i go to church…haven’t been for 16 years and never plan to again

  • Matthew Wilson

    I now consider myself a ‘Christian anarchist’, not lawless as such but free from any religious ‘authority’ over me. I submit to the will of my Father, “This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, saith the Lord, I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them.” Heb 10:16