one of the ways Jesus was bullied at school

one of the ways Jesus was bullied at school January 11, 2014

historical jesus bullied at school cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

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Poor Jesus. This is something he has had to struggle with for over 2,000 years. A reputation he can’t seem to shake.

Mary’s a good mom. She just listens and affirms who he is.

By the way, The Lasting Supper is a great place to find affirmation for who you are! Seriously. I personally invite you.

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  • Chris Hill

    I think for many this is a relevant issue, and for many others it is not. This is just the way things are.

  • Al Cruise

    Great Post, Unfortunately he exists for many people as a tool, to be used to attain power and wealth. To these people it doesn’t matter if there is historical proof or not, they know how to spin things to protect their turf. Just read some of the blogs on Patheos. The things he taught about love are true, ie “who is my neighbour ” and can be proven today by putting into practice. He is real to those who understand his core message and he exists in the “effect” of that message when it is followed through with self sacrifice and love.

  • JenellYB

    Does that something is just the way things are mean we should therefore just accept them as being that way, and not address them and move to change them for the better?

  • Chris Hill

    I think that it is great that people are in dialogue/debate over issues such as this. However, in the end, people will end up believing what they do, many of whom will do so apart from reasons the rest of us will be able to comprehend, no less the ones (including myself) doing the believing themselves. I believe that there is an important place for choice when it comes to belief, but I suspect to a mysterious and significant degree that much is ultimately determined for each one of us, though not necessarily in such as way that could be rendered permanent, though for many I suspect this might very well be the case.