prayer from the cell: version

prayer from the cell: version January 26, 2014

prayer from the cell new version cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

How many versions of God are there? How many operating systems? How many iterations? Good question.

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  • Mark

    I’ll stick with God OS x.y.z, which for me is sort of the glue that binds us all together. Panentheism. Heaven, maybe. Hell no.

  • Cecilia Davidson

    i need to report a few glitches with my God OS

  • klhayes

    yeah, the current version does have its bugs!

  • Open source Jesus.

  • For years, I thought I’d been steadily upgrading from GOD 1.0, installing additional BIBLE modules as they were distributed to me.

    Then, after a major crash, I discovered I was really running GOD 0.1a. And there was massive corruption caused by installing too much HUBRIS.

  • JosephBrown660

    No hell? Where do you believe Stalin or Hitler went after they died? Heaven? If so, then there are no bounds that constrain…anarchy should abound because the eternal destiny is all the same.

  • “If so, then there are no bounds that constrain…anarchy should abound because the eternal destiny is all the same.”

    That’s only true if you believe that the only reason to act morally in this life is to avoid eternal torment in the next one. Personally, I find that a rather simplistic and immature moral framework.

  • Ben Elohim

    I looked at this picture mate, whoever drew the picture, you’re wrong mate, because God is good, He does not need to change! And it is definitely good that God is not going to adjust to the insane humanity, mate! But we should adjust to Him, mate! Someone here said that in his opinion there is no hell. Whoever said that in his mind he is enchanted. Because in the end anyway will reveal that Jesus Christ is right. And not a lot of psycho telling the truth, but the Lord. Or do you think that anyone will believe you more, instead of the Lord, mate? The Lord is a healthy mind! The Lord is glorious! The strength of the Lord is endless! And yes, He will let into His Kingdom, whom He want – who does not want to, He do not allow it. Because He has a right to do that! Even if every single person hates Him for it! Bye Mate!