the church changed its methods but still uses torture

the church changed its methods but still uses torture January 24, 2014

the church and torture cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Torture has been used to extract information or a confession. The church used to inflict torture to invite, encourage or force a confession. There are people who still torture themselves in order to encourage themselves to fall in line with their own expectations or the expectations of others forced upon them.

We still hear the odd story of a church using physical methods to extract a confession. In a way, sitting through one hour of a verbally abusive sermon has a physical component. I’ve come out of services physically exhausted with muscle strain just from sitting as far back in my chair as possible to get away from the verbal assaults emanating from the pulpit.

Physical torture was used sincerely in order to get the person to say what he or she should say for his or her own good. The torturer was doing the person a favor by getting them to a place where they would finally make a good confession. The church has changed its methods, but the intention is still there… to get people to a place the church thinks they should be.

This kind of torture, I suggest, is a symptom of a deeper malady, and that is the need to completely control another.

It’s called coercion. It’s called manipulation. It’s called duress. It’s called abuse.

It’s a modern form of torture.

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  • Cecilia Davidson

    Same as it ever was …

  • Cecilia Davidson

    Can I get a TL;DR version of this fluff post?

  • Gun Nordström

    In a very compressed form I said something like: Is the hidden role of any abuser or manipulator to make us seek and find the freedom in ourselves. To be those who say: “Enough is enough.”

    I do not know why it was delated but may be I referred to too “dangerous” places on the net revealing the ongoing manipulation within the global economic system?

    If you want to know more, perhaps you can get my email address through this blog.

  • wanderer

    Reminds me of that story about the pastor who is making his congregation eat grass. 🙁

  • Caryn LeMur

    Gun: I cannot quite follow your comment.

    However, I have met evil people in prison that would agree that their ‘hidden role was to make others seek and find freedom inside their own self’.

    In prison, the inmate stated to me, “They needed me to attack them.” and “they are a better person because of what I did to them… they was children needing to be slapped up into adults.”

    In churches, the evil people say to me, “You needed me to be harsh with you… I was certainly doing this to help set you free in Christ.” and “I was only disciplining you in love… you will be a better person because I treated you like a child.”

    “The wisdom from heaven is … considerate… peace-loving…” [James 3:17] “Love is gentle, kind, not rude, patient, always trusting, always believing” [I Cor 13] “A soft reply will break the listener’s bones” [Proverbs] “We comfort others with the comfort God gave to us in our distress.” [Corinthians]

    Speaking the truth (as you perceive it) in a soft voice is the most powerful form of helping people to become more like Christ…and a wonderful position for the speaker, should he/she need to retract their position in the future.

    Sharing your past defeats and current struggles, combined with the comfort/wisdom/scriptures God is sharing with you, will plant hope deeply within the defeated and struggling.

    Much love in Christ always and unconditionally; Caryn

  • Cecilia Davidson

    No, your ORIGINAL comment was very New World Order.

  • Gun Nordström

    My first comment was not about NWO but about the Federal Reserve System manipulating people by lending money at a low interest and suddenly increasing it by several procent and thus deliberately causing banking crises both in USA and EU. This fact together with the revealing of many other frauds has caused a movement OPPT that is working for the goal of people awaking to create a world where it is possible to live a life in harmony and peace being what we really are: angelic beings.

  • Cecilia Davidson

    David, I think we have someone who is very lost. This blog is religious in nature. Save your trolly political BS for someplace where it’s relevant. 🙂

  • Gun Nordström

    Cecilia, OPPT is a spiritual movement and I think a lot of people visiting this blog could be interested to know about what they are doing. They find no difference in trying to get people be aware of manipulation be it regarding religious, political, agricultural, medical etc. issues. It´s a question of moral courage to be willing to try to point out and change bad systems.

  • Gun Nordström

    Caryn: Those who manipulate or abuse are always acting out of their EGO and generally they are not aware of it. But I was thinking that without such people in my life I had not been able to grow up training who I myself wanted to be. The authoritarian people were the stepping stones for me to get to know how important it is to be the authority of one`s own.

  • Cecilia Davidson

    So you just admitted to this being an anti-vaccine, new-age, New World Order cult. Sir, this isn’t the place to proselytize, and I’d like to understand why you think this is the right place to do this.

  • Gun Nordström

    You have got things mixed up. The movement OPPT is very much against a New World Order which is the global plans of the elitists.
    BTW I am a 79 years old grandmother´s mother (Gun is a female and Gunnar a male name).

  • Cecilia Davidson

    OPPT is by Wake-Up World, a new age, pseudoscience, anti-vaccine group started and funded by the very elites you despise. Wealthy, white Australians who want you to waste money. Now, if David would kindly ban you from this chat for trying to spread dangerous lies …