Bob Jones University, Sexual Abuse and Silence

Bob Jones University, Sexual Abuse and Silence February 7, 2014

sexual abuse in secret cartoon meme by nakedpastor david hayward

Just because Bob Jones University is doing what it’s doing doesn’t mean it didn’t do what it did.

Last year BJU hired GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment) to investigate allegations of sexual abuse on its campus. This week, just one month before its investigation was to be completed and the report was to be made public, BJU terminated GRACE.

What is also sad about this is that universities are usually seen as leaders in thought and practice. This move will remain protocol for churches accused of abuse.

John Shore’s report is worth a read.

The point of the cartoon/ meme is: of course! Of course it is abuse when no one else is there to witness it, or bear witness to it, or talk about it, or indicate it, or admit it, or name it.

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  • Shary Hauber

    Thank you David for drawing attention to this tragedy. All those who worked up enough courage to give their stories have more proof that the church does not care in fact only those with covered up sin are welcome. If you hurt then of course you are sinning. It makes me so angry but not surprised. Got my hopes up once again just to have them dashed. You would think after thirty years of dealing with this I would know better. Without me saying anything my son just said “How stupid is it to try something over again when you know it failed last time.” He was talking about a different problem but it applies to me and thinking things will change.

  • klhayes

    So sad….just like corporate America, institutionalized religion is more concerned about saving face. We learn that Abraham’s test of faith of was supposed to end the sacrifice of innocents but those who lead the church continue to do it.

  • Kyle David Greenberg

    Almost certainly a result of incriminating findings. I wonder if there is any sort of legal recourse for subpoenaing whatever data GRACE may have collected before BJU terminated the effort

  • Rob Bear

    Such a sad story from BJU. But, frankly, I’m not surprised. Very sad, indeed!