Has God broken up with you?

Has God broken up with you? February 23, 2014

god breaking up cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

In any relationship, when your partner starts drifting away you may wonder what happened.

But when you make personal changes you know put pressure on your relationship, the separation comes as no surprise. It doesn’t make it any less difficult, but you can somewhat understand it.

I know many people who have decided to start examining their beliefs and subject themselves the rigors of deconstruction. One of the symptoms of this brave move is feeling alienated from the god they once knew.

Come deconstruct with us!

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  • Cecilia Davidson

    It sometimes happens that we can make God some kind of magical pixie girl who can just repair our lives and make our dreams come true and better our lives. The problem with that approach is that it is abusive on our part towards God.

  • DoctorDJ

    I never “broke up with God.” Rather, I outgrew god, the mystical, and the supernatural. It’s quite pleasant here in the light of reality!

  • It is clear to people that give up this sort of God that they were talking to themselves. But talking to yourself is a good thing. So though you give up a magic prayer god, doesn’t mean you have to stop talking to yourself and understanding that you are indeed a mystery.

  • Gun Nordström

    It happens that we are so consistently holding on to the vision of a wish coming true that it really is manifesting. That approach is not abusive but “God” is instead happy that we have been using energy in a creative way showing to ourselves what faith is all about.

  • Cecilia Davidson

    I’m sorry, but if such is considered abusive towards a person, it is then abusive to God.