CUUPS Membership

CUUPS Membership January 18, 2016
When you join CUUPS as a chapter or an individual there is paperwork and there are dues, there’s even some requirements beyond that. So you may be asking, what do I get in return? There isn’t some sort of organization “out there” that provides services or benefits. What DOES happen is that you are connected to other groups like yours, and your connections allow for mutual support, for a voice in the public square, and for service to those who need services or benefits.



cuupsBeing a part of a network of CUUPS groups, and having the CUUPS board and history and resources at your fingertips, is positive in ways that go beyond legitimacy (though that is important), shared service, and relationship. The most obvious is… lots of people have probably already invented wheels and come up with problem solutions that you are about to need!



The board recently made a list of the Benefits of Members we could think of. I bet you can think of more ways that CUUPS has fostered your search for truth and meaning, your spiritual growth, and your work toward a just, peaceful, green and free world. (See below)



Blessings in this time of growing light. May the light within you show you the way.
May the seven UU principles and your earth-relating or Pagan spirit call you to the work that you must do.
May you do that work in the company of beloved community.
Blessed be,
Rev. Amy Beltaine
President, CUUPS Continental



  • Relationships with the Pagan and wider community
    • CUUPS is a respected voice for justice in the Pagan community
    • CUUPS has relationships with organizations and individuals
  • Relationships with other members and chapters
    • CUUPS members who are traveling for vacation or work at Sabbat time, can connect with another chapter that is holding an event
    • Access to knowledge/skills/experience developed by other chapters: Liturgy, Fundraising, Communications, Best practices for developing relationships between chapter, congregation, congregation’s leadership, broader Pagan community
    • Opportunities to gather in conferences, convocations, learning communities, etc.
    • Your membership supports the ministry of CUUPS to incarcerated UU Pagans
  • Library of historically collected information
    • Book list
    • “The Well Rounded Chapter” by David Burwasser
    • liturgy, Examples and how to
    • Amazon Book lists
    • Communication plans
    • Leadership training resources
    • Blog posts on myriad issues relevant to CUUPs members
    • Audio broadcasts including interviews
  • Relationships with the Board members
    • Board Member skills and services
      • Conflict transformation coaching
      • Communication coaching
      • Fundraising coaching
      • Coaching on skills for developing relationships between chapter, congregation, congregation’s leadership, broader Pagan community
    • Patheos Blog, CUUPS Bulletin, Facebook page, Twitter…
    • Biennial Sermon Contest
    • Special projects
  • Relationship with the local UU congregation, the UU movement, and the UUA
    • It lets the congregation know that there’s been some vetting, that your group has engaged in a process that has formed healthy groups that can work well within UU Congregations
    • CUUPS has a presence at the annual general assembly of Unitarian Universalists
    • CUUPS is an official Covenanting Community with the UU Association which gives CUUPS benefits and responsibilities similar to the member congregations of the UUA

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