Nature's Path: Top Ten Posts for 2015

Nature's Path: Top Ten Posts for 2015 January 7, 2016

Now that we’re a few days into 2016, and a few days away from the first anniversary of the Nature’s Path blog, I thought we could share the top ten posts of the 170 or so posts that have appeared here since January 10, 2015. These are the post which were read by the most people which is an odd way to measure worth – since clearly many of the people who read the more popular posts were not either UU or possibly even Pagan.

Natures-Path-header.jpg10. An Open Letter to My Peers and Students (1,127 page views) Guest columnist Phaedra Bonewits reminds elders of their obligation to teach, because some things can’t be taught by a book – no matter how well written.

9. Bridging the Gap Between UUs & Pagans (1,153 page views) Molly Khan writes about why there’s no CUUPS Chapter in her local community.

8. Living in the Light, Seeing the Dark (1,184 page views) Catharine Clarenbach uses the Summer Solstice to explore burn-out in our volunteer leadership.

7. Ancient Religion in Modern Life (1,240 page views) Molly Khan writes about how multiple spiritual identities can come together to form a beautiful spiritual practice that works in our modern world.

6. A Unitarian Universalist Pagan’s Thoughts on Ash Wednesday (2,284 page views) Catharine Clarenbach shares her experience of embracing Ash Wednesday as a Pagan in a mainstream seminary.

5. The UU Church and the Secret Pagans (2,353 page views) Peter Dybing wrote about his first experience with a Unitarian Universalist Sunday service.

4. A Daily Pagan Practice for the Year (2,668 page views) Alison Ehrman only wrote this a couple weeks before the end of the year, but it gained the interest of a lot of people right away and is still attracting a couple dozen or so new readers every day.

3. If Unitarian Universalism is So Great, Why Am I Still a Pagan? (3,364 page views) Maggie Beaumont’s first post to Nature’s Path was also one of our biggest as she explains her reasons for identifying as both a Unitarian Universalist and a Pagan. Her own artwork graces this article as well.

2. Denton CUUPS Cancels Yule Celebration (3,761 page views) When a teen-aged arsonist set the Denton UU Fellowship building on fire a couple days before their Yule ceremony, the local CUUPS chapter made the difficult decision to cancel, not postpone their service. Denton CUUPS coordinator John Beckett wrote this article.

and our most read article for 2015 was:

1. Preparing for the Supermoon Eclipse (6,222 page views) While it didn’t directly have much to do with Unitarian Universalism, a lot of people found this article interesting. And while the article doesn’t explicitly mention Unitarian Universalism, Allison Ehrman clearly was working off of UU attitudes as her approach towards the Supermoon Eclipse was to discount some of the more extreme rhetoric in circulation, and focus on the symbolic significance of this rare event.

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