Elections October 21, 2016

CUUPS-logo-largeWhile the country, and much of the world, is focused on the US of A Presidential race the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (a covenanting community with the UU Association), is holding our annual election for board of trustees.

This year is the second year with defined board job titles and job descriptions for most of the positions. (Yay!) It is also a year of significant transition due to vacancies created in 2016.

New members of the board will be taking seats for the November board meeting, but several were appointed to fill vacant seats for the last few months so they have had the chance to ‘learn the ropes’. I’m excited that we’ll have an influx of people on the board who have NOT served on the CUUPS board in the past. It is good to have history and continuity (and we still have that) but, in my opinion, any board needs to constantly grow “depth of field.” I think of depth of field as having more people you can call for projects and activities and advice. Former board members are a great resource!

The board has also revisted and made some commitments to how we do board work together that will help us be a more effective organization.

Last Sunday I was sitting with a group of earth-relating and Pagan UUs answering questions about CUUPS. They were deciding if they wanted to form a group and to affiliate with the larger organization. One member said: ‘Having the congregation’s Pagan group affiliate with CUUPS is like having a congregation affiliate with the UUA.’ I think he’s right. The chapters and members can be much more powerful together than they can individually. And the resources of all the chapters and members can be of great help to individual members and chapters.

I also noticed that I was joyful and excited about the good work that CUUPS is doing. I could barely contain myself as I talked about the partnerships of CUUPS groups and members, the ways that the board and committees can support chapters, the ways in which a CUUPS chapter expands and nurtures the mission of a UU Congregation.

I’m excited about the coming year and the work that our new board will be doing with our members and chapters! If you haven’t joined yet, Click HERE!

What are the board positions?

a) President: Rev. Amy Beltaine. That’s me. I’m running for the three year term that runs October 2016 to October 2019. I’m completing a three year term and served a partial year term prior to that. If elected, this will be my last term on the board for a while since I believe in term limits and two consecutive terms is the limit the board has agreed upon. As the President my role is essentially to keep an eye on everything, caring for process, and supporting the work of the various other board members. I also speak for the organization.

b) VP Communications: Jerrie Hildebrand. Jerrie is running for her second term (’16-19) and will also not be running for a third term. Jerrie carries valuable board history since she also served the CUUPS board from 1996 to 1999. The Communications VP is responsible for our Public Relations, Media Relations, and Outreach. We are lucky that Jerrie is a Web Designer in her other life and offers us that expertise.

c) VP Membership: Alison Leigh Lily. Alison is running to complete the remainder of the term that Peter Dybing was elected to. He chose to release his position when his work as an emergency responder, and his new job, demanded too much of his time. That term expires October of 2018. The Membership VP is responsible for nurturing the relationship between members/chapters and the continental organization. Volunteer recruitment, the process to join, and opportunities to communicate and support one-another are all in this VP’s purview.

d) VP Development/Treasurer: Angela Brown is in her second year of her three year term which expires October 2017. The Development VP oversees our budget, monitors our spending and works to generate income for CUUPS projets.

e)  Secretary: Deb Gilbert is serving the second year of her term as secretary. Her term will expire October 2017. The Secretary is responsible for the records of the organization, managing correspondence, minutes, archives, filing for corporate status, etc. We are lucky to have her experience on other boards and in positions of responsibility in her professional life.

f) Board Member – Ministerial Relations Portfolio: Ann Marie Alderman joined us this year to fill the position vacated by Catharine Clarenbach who had to decline election due to health. This position expires October 2018. The person in this position operates as a sort of “good officer”, providing consulting and advice on questions of right relationship, especially between members or chapters and their congregations, boards and ministers.

g) Board Member – UU General Assembly Portfolio: Imari Kariotis has served on the board since 2008. She is running for the second two years of the 2015-2018 term. She brings her experience of many years of board incarnations and styles. The General Assembly Liaison goes to the GA location early to brief the CUUPS board on the location and provides direct communication with the GA coordinators.

e) Board Member- Curriculum and Liturgy: Maggie Beaumont. This position has been vacant for three years so the term will be 2016-2019. Maggie is resigning her “at large-seminarian outreach” position on the board in order to take on these responsibilities. The Curriculum and Liturgy board member is responsible to recruit, support, and network developers of resources and then connect members and chapters to those resources.

f) Board Member – At Large: Pamela Backstrom. Pam is running to finish Maggie’s term which expires October 2017. As an at-large position this role can include such things as our sermon contest, election management, or other special projects. Pam brings particular skills as a parliamentarian to the board.

If you are not already a member you are not eligible to vote in this election (the ballot went out in email last week.) but you might want to join so that you can be a part of the work of the organization, and can vote in the next election! If you haven’t joined yet, Click HERE!

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