CUUPS Elections Complete. Now Let’s Get to Work!

CUUPS Elections Complete. Now Let’s Get to Work! November 10, 2016

CUUPS-logo-largeThis year, the Covenant of UU Pagans (CUUPS) had a banner year of member participation in board elections, and decisions and input on organizational affairs. This election was run online from October 13th to 27th.

Last election, after years of struggling reached 153 members voting on a quorum of 79.  This year we had 193 members vote, and with a quorum of 84. The board was beyond thrilled, and clear that our members are engaged in supporting the work we are doing.

Below is the statistics of the elections respectfully submitted by the Nominating Committee:

Ballots Sent:

424 Email invitations sent; 4 Ballots mailed


193 electronic responses; 0 US mail responses
12 emails bounced, 11 opted out of further contact
1 set of reminders were sent with thank you’s for following up.

From the Nominating Committee

Variance in percentages are due to differing numbers of total votes; not every voter voted for each position or initiative. For example, 193 people voted for President, which happened to be the first page on the SurveyMonkey poll.

Most other positions had only 180 voters, suggesting the possibility that 13 voters did not realize that there was more than one page or chose not to vote on any further positions or initiatives.

In regards to Convocation, results included congregations and chapters willing to host Convocation up to the year 2020.


Officers & Trustees

Elected         President – Amy Beltaine

Yes                 176     91.90%
No                       9        4.66%
Abstain              8        4.15%

Total               193

Elected         VP for Communications – Jerrie Hildebrand

Yes                 166     92.20%
No                       8        4.44%
Abstain              6        3.33%

Total               180

Elected        VP for Membership – Alison Leigh Lilly

Yes                 170     94.40%
No                       5      2.78%
Abstain             5      2.78%

Total               180

Elected        Curriculum & Liturgy – Maggie Beaumont

Yes                 169     93.89%
No                       5        2.78%
Abstain              6        3.33%

Total               180

Elected        Ministerial Relations – Ann Marie Alderman

Yes                 165     91.67%
No                       8        4.44%?
Abstain              7        3.89%

Total               180

Elected         At Large (GA Liaison) – Imari Kariotis

Yes                 163     90.56%
No                       9        5.00%
Abstain              8        4.44%

Total               180

Elected         At Large – Pamela Sage Bäckström

Yes                 166     92.22%
No                       4        2.22%
Abstain            10       5.56%

Total               180

Not Elected  Write-in Board Candidate – Deborah Maynard

Yes                     1      100.00%
No                       0          0.00%
Abstain              0          0.00%


2017  Nominating Committee Members

Elected         Nominating Committee – John Halstead

Yes                 165       91.67%

No                       6          3.33%

Abstain              9          5.00%

Total               180

Elected         Nominating Committee – Dr. Joel Tishken

Yes                 162     90.00%
No                       7        3.89%
Abstain            11       6.11%

Total               180

Elected        Nominating Committee – Misty Kirkman

Yes                 157     87.22%
No                       9        5.00%
Abstain            14       7.78%

Total               180


Initiatives Option Votes Percentage Result

Adopted        CUUPS Statement Supporting Consent Culture

Yes                 164     91.11%
No                       9        5.00%
Abstain              7        3.89%

Total               180

Confirmed     Is your chapter interested in hosting a future Convocation?

Yes                   18

We have chapters interested in hosting convocations through 2020 and beyond. Proposal forms and information will be sent to these groups by November 15, 2016 by the VP of Communications.


On behalf of the current board, we thank you for your participation! It is an honor and privilege to be in service to all of you, the UUA, our congregatons and our paths collectively in the name of the Old Ones, the God/desses, and the planet. Those elected are humbled to be in service to you all.  Please email us at for information, input and concerns.

Now, let’s get to work! Also please contact us if you are willing to serve on committees.



Jerrie Hildebrand
VP of Communications, CUUPS, Inc.

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