Musical Invocation for the New Year

Musical Invocation for the New Year January 14, 2019

My new Goddess Chanting Group at First Unitarian Society in Madison is an enthusiastic circle of women, who love the Goddess and love chanting. We’ve met twice, and each time the singing has amazed me. After learning a new song, we instantly break into harmonies that raise energy for the Earth and Her children. We sing ecstatically for several hours, familiar songs and new. My intention for the group is that I will create an original chant each month.

This Month’s Chant:

This month I composed a musical invocation of the directions that’s appropriate for the beginning of the new year or at the start of any new venture. Since pagans don’t agree when the new year begins, you could sing it at Samhain,  Yule, Imbolc, the Spring Equinox, or I suppose, at any other time of the year that you designate as the beginning.

Here are the lyrics:

“I breathe in the winds of change,
Warm my hands on an ardent flame.
My tender heart holds my tears inside,
And I keep my feet on the ground.”

About Nancy Vedder-Shults
Named a Wisdom Keeper of the Goddess Spirituality Movement, Nancy Vedder-Shults, Ph.D. is the author of The World is Your Oracle (Fair Winds Press: April,2017).  This innovative book presents 40 techniques for out-of-the-box thinking, using the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses. Nancy is also the thealogical columnist for SageWoman Magazine and the creator of Chants for the Queen ofHeaven, a CD of goddess chants from around the world. Check out her website at . You can read more about the author here.

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