Summer’s Arrival, General Assembly, & CUUPS Annual Meeting!

Summer’s Arrival, General Assembly, & CUUPS Annual Meeting! July 9, 2019
Summertime Energy in New England
Summertime Energy in New England

Welcome Summer!

Summer has finally landed in my region of coastal New England. Temps are up in the 90’s and tomorrow the humidity starts to settle in. The outside sounds of the choir of birds wakes us in the morning and the felines of the house run from window to window in the house stalking the creatures strolling through the yard. The summer porch lanterns and candles light the evening. It is sure different from the cool Northwest temperatures at the UUA’s General Assembly in Spokane, WA.

2019 CUUPS Exhibit at UUA General Assembly

2019 CUUPS General Assembly Booth with Om Prakash in Spokane, WA
2019 CUUPS General Assembly Booth with Om Prakash in Spokane, WA

Board member Om Prakash (Dr. Rev. John Gilmore) and I anchored the table in the exhibit hall this year along with CUUPS member Lucia Kasulis stepped in and made sure we took breaks and lunched. She fabulously invited event attendees to come to the Annual Summer Solstice Celebration! It was wonderful talking with members, our neighbors in the UU Mystics, UU Christian Fellowship, and the Women and Religion booths. The Red Tent was across from us playing a lovely array of music.

We also loved talking with our members and UU ministers and board chairs who were interested in starting or having a CUUPS chapter in their congregation. We also met with chapter leaders, ministers, and board chairs who needed support in managing chapters, understanding the need for chapters to have covenants with the churches, and getting clear what they needed to get their chapters in right relations with CUUPS, Inc. It was good to see the leadership in and working with chapters interested in supporting one another and the larger organization.

Next year…See you all in Providence, Rhode Island at General Assembly!

GA Summer Solstice Celebration!

Summer Solstice Celebration Hoop
Summer Solstice Celebration Hoop

On Saturday afternoon, CUUPS hosted the Summer Solstice Celebration in one of the larger convention hall rooms with approximately 275 people in attendance. We had a wonderful team of folks who volunteered and stepped in to help lead it. Many thanks to former CUUPS President Amy Beltaine, David Troxel,Alice Muciek, Pat McCutcheon, Glenn Morrison, Lucia Kasulis, Rodney Walston, and Anahi for music, inspirational invocations, poetry and love of shaking up and having fun! Attendees tied ribbons the color of the Fire and Sun in to a hoop with blessings for the season.

Towards the end of the celebration, after contemplating throughout the ritual, a dance began spiraling through the rows of chairs ending in a perfect circle around the room and embracing those in the middle of the circle. It was wonderful to celebrate the season together. The hoop was taken back to the booth table and many others added ribbons to the hoop who could not attend.

2019 CUUPS, Inc. Annual Meeting

2019 CUUPS Annual Meeting Notice
2019 CUUPS Annual Meeting Notice

As I sit here in my office, I look at the hoop and think of the upcoming CUUPS Annual Meeting on July 13, 2019 at 2:00 pm Eastern (1:00 pm Central, 12:00 pm Mountain, and 11 am Pacific) on Zoom. This meeting is open to all members of CUUPS. You need to register for the call so we can be clear who is a member and who is a visitor. This allows us to know if we have a quorum and who is up to date with their membership. To register to be on the call go here. On behalf of the board of CUUPS, we are excited to share what is happening with the organization. We look forward to have you on the call.

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