The Mystic Pagan: Keeping a Moon Journal

The Mystic Pagan: Keeping a Moon Journal September 9, 2019

091104-Moon on Wednesday November 4th. photo by pomranka (cc) 2009.

Years ago I read about a spiritual practice that involved writing in a moon journal.  Since I was a mystic, a solo practitioner, and a bit Dianic, and seeking spiritual growth, this really appealed to me.  Through this practice one would follow the phases of the moon as he or she worked to attain the lifestyle and skills they wanted, but it took planning.

Firstly, one would decide on the characteristics they would like to develop in order to be more happy and empowered and create a better lifestyle for their self and their family.  Secondly, one would develop an action plan to determine how they would bring about the necessary changes. Thirdly, one would decide what types of behaviors, or negative ideas and attitudes they had that were hindering their lives and they needed to get rid of, and how to go about releasing them in a practical way.

The work of changing and developing oneself would follow the phases of the moon.  During the new moon one would reflect and prepare to work on a behavior–only one.  During the waxing moon one would intensify their action plan and work to develop the behavior.  During the full moon one would complete that action plan and gain the behavior they wanted.

As the moon waned they worked at releasing the negative attitudes and behaviors.  All the time during the process they would keep a journal on their progress or lack of progress.  If one hadn’t completed the process of gaining a new behavior they carried it over to the next month and did some more work, and if they didn’t get rid of a behavior they carried their efforts on that behavior over to the next month.

This journal would continue from one month to the next gaining the positive eventually and letting go of the negative, until one was finished.  Only then would one move on to the next behavior. Journaling allowed one to document their progress and to look back at their milestones as well as process their thoughts and feelings during the process.

This was a way that one could draw on the power of the Goddess to improve one’s life in a practical way.  I called it high magic, (even though at the time I didn’t know what that was) but the writer of the book didn’t refer to it that way.  This book really didn’t mention goddesses, but think how much more powerful it would be with a group of people working together to honor the three faces of the Goddess during the shifting phases of the moon, and as a group who would partake of the high magic that would push them to a higher level of competency, love, and understanding in a world that needs it so very much.

About Rev. Dr. Om Prakash John Gilmore
Rev., Dr. John Gilmore (Om Prakash) was a UU Minister for more than fifteen years and is a retired UU Minister now doing a community based ministry in Health, Wellness, and Healing He served as a Parish Minister for many years, and a Wellness and Social Justice Community Minister at UU Church of Bedford, MA as working as the Director of the MA Chapter of the UUJEC and later the Co-Director and Director of the UUJEC National. Om Prakash was also a JUUST UU Consultant, and Director of Racial and Social Justice for the Joseph Priestley District. He has been a CUUPS member for several years and is now serving on the CUUPS Board in the Ministerial and Right Relations position. You can read more about the author here.
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