Blood Moon tonight. Does it have meaning?

Blood Moon tonight. Does it have meaning? November 7, 2022
In ancient Mesopotamia it meant an assault on the king. The king went into hiding during the duration and put a proxy in place. Being a proxy wasn’t a popular job. Biden and other leaders should take note?
Blood moon image by Jacek Rużyczka on Wikipedia
Blood moon image by Jacek Rużyczka on Wikipedia

Some consider it a time for old conflicts to be laid to rest. We should do that.
Many societies believe it comes with ill intent, even evil. A time of cleansing may be necessary.
Christianity equates lunar eclipses with the wrath of God, a day of judgement. The church ensures an eclipse can never fall on Easter Sunday.
Depending on your point of view you may be expecting the other party to be swept out of office this election.
The UN COP27 Conference is in full swing, and the opening statement was we have just a few years to turn it around or we’re on track to have a 3 degree rise in temperature which will be catastrophic for all of the earth’s people.
After the election I may write a requiem for US Democracy and Planet Earth. Both are in great danger because we believe myths.
The first myth we believe is that people, especially adults in the 18 to 35 age group, believe that elections change nothing. The truth is they change a lot and there is a lot to change. But one election rarely changes everything – it takes decades of sustained voting. And there are always people stubbornly waiting to take it all away.
The fact is this age group has the numbers right now to make a half a percentage point change in the election (a 1% difference between parties) and completely change this nation.
The second myth is that the economy, stupid, is run by presidents. It’s capitalism, mostly, and oil companies don’t abide by US laws. They are international and do as they please – profit is king. The Federal Reserve, which is independent of government, sets interest rates for the best outcome for jobs and inflation.
So if you have to believe a myth, believe all the blood moon myths – an indicator of judgment on us – understand the issues and vote to save us all.
Blood Moon – myths from around the world
– Dorian
Our answer is God. God’s answer is us. Together we make the world better.
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