This column is for new adults and their leaders. Religion changes endlessly. This creates contention, endless denominations (1200 in the US), and loses newer generations. This is about finding some stability and maybe clarity on Jesus’ mission and message, to minister to new generations who are largely refusing Christianity.

Dorian is a former pastor of a mainline denomination, and approaches religion as spiritual growth and a person of faith. He has been fundamentalist, evangelical, and mainline. He has formal education and experience in several fields, including religion, psychology, and communications. He is ecumenical and works with other denominations in public efforts such as the Catholic Engaged Encounter, and is accepting of other religions.

He has been happily married to his wife for so long he doesn’t need to count the years, even though she says he does, and we boast three adult children and their grandchildren and many pets.

His publications include the books Ontology of God: The voices of the ancients speak, which covers the development of most major religions through the time of Christ, and New Generations Walk with Jesus: The missions in a changing world, plus several other nonfiction and fiction books found on Smashwords, Amazon, and his websites.

His websites include One Spirit Resources, and Visual Writer. He also hosts a new Facebook group, Connexions 18 to 30, for life skills and spiritual growth.