7 Reasons You Should Say 'Hey Thanks' to Someone Today

7 Reasons You Should Say 'Hey Thanks' to Someone Today May 15, 2015

In honor of our 3rd Annual ‘Hey Thanks’ event this weekend at Mt Vernon (where we take an entire fun-filled Sunday to say ‘Hey Thanks’ to all of our volunteers), I want to share 7 reasons why you shouldn’t let today go by without saying ‘Hey Thanks’ to someone:


Hey Thanks 2

1. Because they can’t read your mind. You’re probably the kindest, most encouraging person to others — in your mind. You might be one of those people that always thanks people mentally but never thanks them verbally. They can’t read your mind. Say to someone what you’ve been thinking for years. Say ‘Hey Thanks’!

2. Because they need the encouragement. People can get beat down by life. They can get discouraged and weary. Saying thanks to someone is a small reminder that there is still some good in the world and that they can be a part of it.

3. Because you need the reminder that you can’t do life on your own. It’s far too easy to delude ourselves into thinking that we can do life on our own. We can’t. We need others. Thanking people regularly reminds us of this vital truth.

4. Because you’ll make someone’s day. Here’s where it gets fun. Saying ‘Hey Thanks’ to someone will take only a moment of your time and intentionality. You’ll move on with your day. But for the other person, it might be the highlight of their day or even week. The words you say might be the exact thing they needed to hear at the exact moment they needed to hear it. They might replay your words over and over again throughout the rest of the day. What a blessing!

5. Because you’ll grow closer together. The openness and transparency required to thank someone will by its nature draw you closer to the person you’re thanking. Closer, more transparent relationships benefit everyone involved.

6. Because it helps you remember what’s important. Stuff is cheap. Money is just paper or digital figures on a screen. TV is just a momentary distraction. Relationships are important. People are eternal. When you say ‘Hey Thanks’ to someone, it’s a small reminder about what (and who) is truly important in life.

7. Because you’ll be blessed. Jesus himself says, “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.” When you say thanks to someone, you’re giving of your time, emotion, humility and goodwill. You will be blessed. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself!

QUESTION: Who can you say ‘Hey Thanks’ to today?

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