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New WineskinsHere are some of my most popular posts:

1. A Simple Reason Why Andy Stanley is Being So Misunderstood. There’s a simple reason why many are misinterpreting Andy Stanley’s sermons as heresy: he’s speaking to an audience that most preachers will never speak to.

2. Why We’re That Church That’s Canceling Services on Christmas. Yes, we’re that church that’s canceling services on Christmas day. No, we’re not compromising the gospel. We’re doing it for three specific reasons.

3. 7 Out-of-the-Box Things Southern Baptists Must Do to Stop the Bleeding and Start Growing Again. If the Southern Baptist Convention is a patient crashing on the operating table, here’s what invasive surgery looks like to save the life of the SBC.

4. Andy Stanley vs Albert Mohler – Is Belief in all the Bible a Litmus Test for Salvation? What are two heavyweights of the evangelical world fighting about? Where does the Bible fit in Christianity?

5. 5 Scriptures to Pray for President-Elect Trump. Whether you voted for him or not, Christians have an obligation to pray for their leaders. Here are five scriptures to pray for Donald Trump.

6. How Christians Should Respond to the Orlando Mass Shooting. How should Christians respond to a mass shooting involving two segments (LGBTQ and Islamic) of society historically antagonistic towards evangelicals?

7. 5 Reasons Why You Might Want to Kill VBS in Your Church. Yep, let’s go there.

8. Would Jesus Boycott Target? If Jesus were alive today, would he join the Target boycott to protest its new transgender bathroom policy?

9. An Open Letter to the California Pastor That Praised the 50 Orlando Killings. Why ‘pastor’ Roger Jimenez was beyond wrong when he praised the killing of the Orlando mass shooting victims.

10. 5 Simple Steps to Creating Pharisees In Your Church. Ever wonder whether churches are creating Pharisees rather than disciples? Here are five simple ways to know whether your church is unintentionally creating Pharisees.