Andy Stanley vs Albert Mohler: Is Belief in All the Bible a Litmus Test for Salvation?

What are two heavyweights of the evangelical world fighting about? Where does the Bible fit in Christianity? [Read more…]

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5 Things I Learned From Researching 500 of the Best Sermons Out There Today

Over the past month I’ve catalogued over 500 of the best sermons out there today. Here’s what I’ve learned so far. [Read more…]

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Don’t Be the Preacher That Drops the Ball at the 1-Yard Line

Don’t be that preacher that drops the ball by failing to do this one important thing in your sermons. [Read more…]

Why Most of Us Are Doing Sunday School Wrong

If it sounds like I’m hating on Sunday School, it’s probably because I am. [Read more…]

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Stranger Things, Binge-Watching, And What the Church Can Learn From a Powerful Story

Why is Stranger Things doing a better job than the church of captivating people’s attention? It all comes down to how you tell the story. [Read more…]

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How Our Baptisms Increased Once We Boarded Up Our Baptistry

Five years ago we boarded up our baptistry. And we’ve been baptizing people ever since. [Read more…]

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Why Football Season Tears Into Your Church Attendance and What We Can Learn From It

Football season always tears into church attendance. Rather than merely complain again this year, let’s see if we can learn from it. [Read more…]

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5 Reasons Why You Might Want to Kill VBS in Your Church

Yep, let’s go there. [Read more…]

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The Problem With the Church is That We’ve Made Church for Church People

Who is the church for? The answer to that question will help determine the future of the American church. [Read more…]

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5 Things Modern Churches Can Learn from Traditional Churches

Too often modern churches write off traditional churches as archaic and irrelevant, when in fact they can be learning from them. [Read more…]

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