The One Thing Everyone Seems to Struggle With and Why This Post is Part of the Problem

By simply reading this sentence we’re both perpetuating a problem that is absolutely decimating our nation. How do we solve it? Read more

5 Lessons I Learned From Visiting the Mega Church Down the Road

Recently I got to visit a mega church I had heard a lot about over the years. Here are five lessons I walked away with. Read more

An Unspiritual* Reason Why Your Church Might Not Grow This Year

If your church doesn’t grow this year, it may have nothing to do with theology, the translation of Bible you use or even the style of songs you sing. Read more

5 Reasons Why Christmas Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Don’t walk past the beauty and the divine mystery of Christmas this season! Don’t let familiarity rob you of the wonder of Christmas. Read more

The Art of the Switch: One Tool That Can Revolutionize Your Preaching

This communication tool utilized by Jesus has the ability to revolutionize your preaching, if you’re intentional to use it. Read more

Pharaoh’s Dream and My Prophecy About American Christianity Seven Years From Now

What does an ancient dream interpretation from the book of Genesis have to do with Trump’s America today? I personally think a lot. Read more

5 Power Boosters That Can Make Your Next Invitation to Church More Effective

Unchurched and dechurched people are more willing to come to church during the Christmas season than you might expect, if someone will invite them. Read more

6 Unique Ways to Spend Time With God This Week

If you think you can only spend time with God through Bible study and prayer, you’re selling yourself (and God) short. Here are six unique ways . . . Read more

A Universal Truth All Preachers Can Learn from Thor Ragnarok

Besides being one of the biggest releases in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor Ragnarok has one timeless truth all preachers need to remember. Read more

Why Didn’t God Protect the People at First Baptist Sutherland Springs?

Why didn’t God protect the people of FBC Sutherland Springs? Does this mean that God didn’t know or didn’t care or couldn’t prevent the massacre? Read more

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