10 Scriptures to Pray for President Trump

As we begin a new era in American politics, all Christians should be people of prayer, especially as we begin the Trump presidency. Whether you voted for him or not, Donald Trump deserves your prayers. Here are ten strong biblical Scriptures to pray for President Trump. 1. Pray that Donald Trump would be given wisdom and [Read More…]

Why Praying For Revival Isn’t As Spiritual As It Sounds

  One of the great Baptist traditions (along with several other denominations) is to pray for revival. I grew up in churches that prayed for revival. It never really bothered us that the word “revival” does not actually appear in the Scriptures, that’s what we were supposed to pray for. From time to time we would [Read More…]

Why the End of the World Will Look Like the Clemson vs. Alabama National Championship Game

For most, the end of the world is in the distant future. Since I live 45 minutes from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I guess the end of the world feels pretty close to home for my Bama brethren. But watching the epic national championship game between two heavyweights that will go down as an all-time classic, I [Read More…]

5 Resolutions for a Growing Church

If you want your church to slowly but steadily lose ground, then your resolution is simple: don’t change a thing. Resist anything new and hope that Jesus comes back while there’s still people left in your church. If you want your church to grow, to advance, to take new ground and push back the darkness, [Read More…]

Top 10 Posts of 2016

Here’s a look at the top ten posts of 2016 on the New Wineskins blog. [Read more…]

A Simple Reason Why Andy Stanley is Being So Misunderstood

There’s a simple reason why many are misinterpreting Andy Stanley’s sermons as heresy: he’s speaking to an audience that most preachers will never speak to. [Read more…]

Why Does God Need a Birthday? (The Surprising Significance of December 25th)

It’s that time of year again, when we’ve launched full-fledged into the spirit of Christmas, which sounds noble but usually ends up being a gluttony of American consumerism. You’ve also got the upstart “War on Christmas,” which is fought from both sides. “Liberals” and “non-religious” argue that “Happy Holidays” is more politically correct and religiously [Read More…]

6 Types of Church Members That Will Destroy Your Church

Watch out for these six types of church members who can destroy your church from within if left unchecked. [Read more…]

Church is Supposed to be Enjoyed, Not Endured

Do your church services feel more like a funeral service or a wedding celebration? Is church a duty or a delight, filled with obligation or anticipation? [Read more…]

5 Worship Songs That Are Teaching Me About the Holy Spirit

I’m a born and raised Baptist, which means that the Holy Spirit seemed like a foreign entity for much of my life, someone reserved for my pentecostal and charismatic brethren. As I’ve grown in the faith, I’ve slowly began to learn what it means to walk in the Spirit and depend on the Spirt for [Read More…]