5 Worship Songs That Are Teaching Me About the Holy Spirit

I’m a born and raised Baptist, which means that the Holy Spirit seemed like a foreign entity for much of my life, someone reserved for my pentecostal and charismatic brethren. As I’ve grown in the faith, I’ve slowly began to learn what it means to walk in the Spirit and depend on the Spirt for [Read More…]

Why We’re That Church That’s Canceling Services on Christmas

Hold off with the pitchforks and burning crosses for a moment. Let’s talk. Churches are in a quandary this year, as Christmas falls on a Sunday. Because of the high amount of travel and family nature of this special day, churches are asking themselves: do we still have Sunday services on Christmas Day? The few [Read More…]

7 Practical Ways Your Church Helps Lower the Divorce Rate

A recent study by a Harvard University professor linked regular church attendance with a lower divorce rate, concluding that couples who attend church together have a 47% less chance of divorcing. Obviously Christians would attribute this to the transformative power of Jesus, who deserves the full credit. But there are also practical ways that a church [Read More…]

7 Out-Of-The-Box Things Southern Baptists Must Do to Stop the Bleeding and Start Growing Again

Southern Baptists are on the decline, but this doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Here are seven ways we can restart growth again. [Read more…]

Why Theologically Conservative, Stylistically Modern Churches are Growing Faster than Everyone Else

Academic studies confirm that certain types of churches grow faster than everyone else. Why is that? [Read more…]

5 Ways to Move Your Congregation From Sitting to Serving

Churches will extol the virtues of serving this holiday season while most of the congregation sits. How can you move a church from sitting to serving? [Read more…]

The ‘Deplorables’ in the New Testament

As a pastor in a Southern state that voted deeply red, I guess I could be accurately described as a deplorable. But to be honest I’m okay with that description, because I see fellow deplorables in the New Testament. [Read more…]

5 Scriptures to Pray for President-Elect Trump

Whether you voted for him or not, Christians have an obligation to pray for their leaders. Here are five scriptures to pray for Donald Trump. [Read more…]

Christian: Please Stop Freaking Out About This Election

The most often repeated command in the Bible is in there for a reason. [Read more…]

Uprising: Homecoming Chapel Sermon to California Baptist University

The transcript of my address at the Homecoming Chapel at California Baptist University, my alma mater. [Read more…]