A Heartbreakingly Beautiful Story of What It Really Means to Be Pro-Life

Being pro-life is a political position, a movement, but at the end of the daily it’s a deeply personal choice for every pregnant mother. For Keri Young, her commitment to being pro-life was put to the test when, at twenty weeks pregnant with her second child, Keri and her husband Royce discovered that their precious baby girl [Read More…]

The One Command of Scripture That Could Solve 99% of Church Splits

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4 Reasons Why We Should Preach on Something ‘Superficial’ Like Relationships

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7 Lessons From Superbowl LI for Today’s Church Leaders

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How We Leveraged the Platform of the Superbowl in our Church

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The Quickest Way to Kill Your Next Great Church Idea

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10 Scriptures to Pray for President Trump

As we begin a new era in American politics, all Christians should be people of prayer, especially as we begin the Trump presidency. Whether you voted for him or not, Donald Trump deserves your prayers. Here are ten strong biblical Scriptures to pray for President Trump. 1. Pray that Donald Trump would be given wisdom and [Read More…]

Why Praying For Revival Isn’t As Spiritual As It Sounds

  One of the great Baptist traditions (along with several other denominations) is to pray for revival. I grew up in churches that prayed for revival. It never really bothered us that the word “revival” does not actually appear in the Scriptures, that’s what we were supposed to pray for. From time to time we would [Read More…]