6 Practical Ways to Share Your Faith During the Coronavirus Pandemic

6 Practical Ways to Share Your Faith During the Coronavirus Pandemic March 12, 2020

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In the span of a few short weeks the coronavirus has swept across the four corners of the globe and has caused panic throughout the world. While our initial instinct is to hunker down, circle the wagons, and only look after our own, Christians are called to “make the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:16). In the midst of this unfolding tragedy we actually have an incredible opportunity to share the gospel with others. Think about it: in times of need, people reach out for hope and help wherever they can find it. The normal barriers of religion become overcomable when a crisis confronts someone, and the global coronavirus pandemic definitely qualifies as a crisis. What are six powerful and practical ways you can share your faith during this pandemic? Since the word “corona” is on everyone’s minds, that’s an easy way to remember:

C – Check on someone who is at risk or living alone. Call someone or stop by where they live (while maintaining a healthy physical distance). Simply calling to check on someone communicates that they are valuable enough to be remembered even in the midst of all the chaos. That will give you a powerful platform to share your faith.

O – Offer to do something to help them out. Don’t just call, offer to help. Do they need help getting supplies? Is there something around the house that needs fixing? Do they need help with childcare? When you meet the needs of those around you, you show the love of Jesus in a tangible way.

R – Respect the way they’re processing the fear of the pandemic. Everyone will process this pandemic in different ways. Some might laugh it off, while others will be one step removed from treating this like the zombie apocalypse. You don’t know their past experiences with tragedy and who they know that’s personally affected. Respect how they’re processing their fear.

O – Organize something social to do. The quarantining of American society (in an attempt to slow the spread of this pandemic) is driving everyone towards isolation. But as God said from the very beginning: it is not good for us to be alone (Genesis 2:18). Take the initiative and bring people together, even if that’s simply online. People crave human interaction, and this pandemic will starve people of that. Be the person that models the value of biblical community by organizing something social for people to do.

N – Network online church resources. Because of the advancement of technology, there is an incredible amount of online church resources (from videos to messages to blogs) that can breathe light and hope into a dark and hopeless situation. More than just filling up your News Feed with another doomsday report, be intentional to spread the word about positive, biblical church resources that can benefit those you know.

A – Ask if (and how) you can pray for somebody. People are afraid, so offer to pray for them. In moments of crisis, people naturally reach for God, and you would be surprised how many people would allow you to pray for them if you offered. Offer to pray for somebody, and see where the conversation takes you!


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