March 6, 2019

If you read the gospel of Matthew, you’ll see that John the Baptist and Jesus both came out swinging against the Pharisees. Why? Well, Matthew 9 gives us an idea of how the Pharisees had shifted and twisted from their laudable beginnings: As Jesus went on from there, he saw a man named Matthew sitting at the tax collector’s booth. “Follow me,” he told him, and Matthew got up and followed him. Matthew 9:9 Let’s stop just for a moment and understand how… Read more

March 4, 2019

If we typecast the Pharisees as evil Klingons, then we won’t empathize with them and we’ll fail to see the Pharisee inside all of us. Read more

March 1, 2019

Jesus came to rebel against the corrupt temple practices of ancient Israel. Unfortunately, temple thinking still infects the church today. Read more

February 27, 2019

In John 2:19 Jesus made what would undoubtedly be classified today as a terroristic threat. Why would he do that? Read more

February 25, 2019

Of all the Bible stories I heard about Jesus growing up, this was the one most difficult for me to reconcile. Read more

February 19, 2019

On an overcrowded Russian subway (of all places), everything I thought I had figured out about Jesus completely fell apart. Read more

February 11, 2019

Yesterday the Houston Chronicle released a bombshell report (part 1 of 3) about sexual abuse within the Southern Baptist Convention. It is scathing and it is gut-wrenching to read as a lifelong Southern Baptist. The report names names, and while most will think the most important names are the denominational leaders and megachurch pastors called out, the most important names are the names of the victims, lives forever tarnished and ruined by vicious sexual assaults, assaults that took place within… Read more

February 7, 2019

For years, perhaps you’ve been disqualifying yourself from God’s love and forgiveness because you’ve convinced yourself that what you did was too horrible, too unforgivable.  Read more

February 4, 2019

“I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some. I do all this for the sake of the gospel.” 1 Corinthians 9:22-23 If you are not familiar with Fortnite, you probably don’t have elementary or teenage boys in your house. I’ve got three boys, so I am very familiar with the video game craze that has spread like a virus and is has now infected the mind of almost every boy with electronic… Read more

January 31, 2019

I live in a crazy, chaotic, busy home. My wife and I have four rambunctious kids (ages 4 to 11) that keep life filled to the brim. Many days four kids is tiring, but never are there days when I regret having so many. In fact, I’m forever grateful to my wife and to two other women, mothers who had unplanned pregnancies yet courageously chose to give life instead of take it away. Much has been made in the news… Read more

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