April 23, 2019

Americans drive on the right side of the road (not the left) because the American Revolution happened in 1776. Denying 1776 is like denying Easter. Read more

April 22, 2019

Ever wonder what your pastor experiences the day after Easter once the biggest day of his year is finished? Read more

April 16, 2019

There’s a very plausible reason why Judas might have betrayed Jesus. What’s scary is that this deception still lurks among Christians today. Read more

April 11, 2019

The Last Supper has forever defined the Christian movement because Jesus dropped two bombshells that have defined Christianity ever since. Read more

April 8, 2019

What Jesus taught and what he introduced at the Last Supper was so audacious, the apostles should have gotten up and walked out. Read more

March 25, 2019

Let’s be honest: even Christian couples fight because we still struggle with our sin nature. But when we fight, let’s fight fair. Read more

March 21, 2019

When an unhappy couple looks at each other and says, “I don’t love you anymore,” they’re not saying what they think they’re saying. Read more

March 18, 2019

What if the love passage in 1 Corinthians 13 was more than just an inspirational quote to be read at weddings? What if it is a blueprint? Read more

March 13, 2019

Hidden within John 6:66 and the day the Jesus movement fell apart is a powerful message for all Christians today. Read more

March 12, 2019

What Jesus did was so brand new, even his forerunner John the Baptist was left scratching his head at one point. Read more

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