5 Good Things Coming Out of the Coronavirus Pandemic

5 Good Things Coming Out of the Coronavirus Pandemic April 6, 2020

Aziz Acharki

While the world is essentially shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, God is up to something good. Our minds naturally gravitate towards the negative news out there, but it’s not all bad. While not discounting the obvious seriousness of what we’re walking through as a society, it’s important to find the hidden gems within the crisis. On my Facebook Group, I asked the members to share something good God has done in their life during the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some of their responses:

1. More focus on what’s important. One Christian wrote, “I feel like I’ve been more observant, it has forced me to slow down and see things that I wouldn’t normally see or appreciate.” Another wrote, “Less distractions. More time to focus on our creator.” This pandemic is forcing us to prioritize and remember what’s truly important in life.

2. God is speaking louder. Because of the removal of distractions, Christians are able to hear God speaking to them louder than ever. One Christian wrote, “God has brought His Word out loud and clear, spoken in song and on social media. His people, the Church, have risen and are staying connected and meeting needs.”

3. Reconnecting with family. This was one of the most popular responses I received. Being forced to stay at home, people are able to reconnect with family in meaningful ways. One wrote, “Very much enjoy working at home with my lovely wife.” Another shared, “The gift of extra time and conversation with my adult children that I didn’t expect to have.” A third wrote, “Given us sweet family time.”

4. Great interactions with neighbors. A famous command by Jesus is to love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:39). But since most of us live life on the go, we don’t have much meaningful time to interact with our neighbors. These stay-at-home orders that many of us are experiencing is changing all that. One Christian shared, “love seeing all my neighbors out in the pretty spring weather playing with their kids and pets.” Another wrote, “more opportunities to encourage others and talk about my hope in the Lord.”


5. Rest in God. Whether by choice or not, people are seeing the benefits of slowing down and finding the rest that only comes in God. One Christian wrote that through this crisis, she’s been able to “rest in God and depend more on Him.” Another shared, “I got closer to Jesus.”


At the end, here is some great perspective shared by one Christian in this group, “I have lived in and visited some 2nd and even 3rd world countries, but during this time of my discomfort it has really made me take a look at my ‘1st world’ problems. While I complain about not finding toilet paper at the store or not being able to get my hair or nails done, it draws me back to what’s really important in life and how other parts of the world live differently and find joy no matter their situation!”




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