Last week as I was deciding I would never enter a certain McDonald’s again, I understood why so many people walk away from church. Read more

Churches don’t grow on accident. There are many conditions needed for a thriving church, but here are 6 to get you started. Read more

In Acts 15 some wanted to build a moat around the church and burn the drawbridges. In the 21st century we struggle with the same tension. Read more

J.D. Greear is getting shot at from behind for taking a view on homosexuality that more and more churches need to take today. Read more

What’s the best way to interact online in a culture that’s grown more divisive and hostile? King Solomon has some ancient wisdom for us. Read more

Your church can be like a frustrated door-to-door VCR salesman in 2018, or you can lovingly help usher your church into the 21st century. Read more

Don’t throw up your hands in despair. Don’t give up. Your church can start growing tomorrow. Here are five practical places to start. Read more

The church has the perfect solution to two of the biggest contributing factors to suicide, but we’re figuring out a way to muck it up instead. Read more

The Great Commission has always been there for us, but many times our focus wavers. Here are 9 questions to get you back on track. Read more

Instead of churches being grateful for volunteers, here are four reasons volunteers should be grateful they get to serve at church! Read more

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