The Surprising Way Jesus Might Respond to Today’s National Anthem Controversy

Where would Jesus jump in on the national anthem controversy raging through our culture right now? The answer might surprise (and frustrate) you. Read more

Don’t Stereotype the Senior Adults In Your Church (Two Surprising Things I Heard)

When you start having conversations with the senior adults about what they value and love about church, they just might surprise you. Read more

Hi, I’m Josh, and I’m Confused About the Holy Spirit

An honest mid-life assessment of what it’s like to be a recovering Baptist, especially when it comes to the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Read more

Jesus and the Kegger

If we walked up on Jesus today hanging out with an unsavory crowd, would we be on the outside judging or on the inside with Jesus? Read more

A Dangerously Biblical Way to Look at Those on the Other Side

If you are ready for something different besides self-justified judgment and condemnation, try this biblical approach. Read more

When Did ‘Gospel’ Become Southern Baptist Code for ‘Holy Spirit’?

Southern Baptists have picked “gospel” as its latest buzzword, but using it out of context to avoid “Holy Spirit” doesn’t do anyone any good. Read more

Do You Have to Be Heterosexual to Be a Christian?

Are we really comfortable declaring certain people as incapable of being Christians by adding requirements to salvation on top of faith in Jesus Christ? Read more

Fatal Flaws in the Nashville Statement on Sexuality and Gender

The Nashville Statement on sexuality and gender has drawn a line in the sand for evangelicals to rally behind, and that’s exactly the problem. Read more

A Fundamentally Different Way to Look at Guests in Your Church

If you automatically think guests would come back every week if you could only get them through the church doors, you might need to think again. Read more

If the Aim of Your Preaching Is to Teach the Bible, You’re Selling Your People Short

What’s wrong with preachers preaching and teaching the Bible? Nothing, as long as they don’t confuse the means with the end. Read more

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