The Epidemic Destroying Marriages in Your Church and How You Can Fight Back

Whether you realize it or not, the porn epidemic is destroying marriages throughout your church. The only question, what will your church do? Read more

The Surprisingly Simple Thing Guests Look For in Your Church and How You Can Create It

I talked to two first-time guests at church on Sunday and they both told me the same thing. It’s the one thing guests look for in your church. Read more

4 Things Every Lost Person Wants (And How Your Church Can Provide Them)

If lost people aren’t coming to your church it’s not that they’re not curious about God but that they don’t think they’ll get their questions answered. Read more

Lost People Aren’t Concerned With Helping Your Church Grow

When we truly realize that the lost have no desire to help our church grow, it will radically impact our attempts to reach them. Read more

If This is Your Excuse Why Your Church Isn’t Growing, Please Stop Using It

If you’ve ever used the phrase, “God never called us to be successful, he called us to be faithful,” please realize Jesus taught the exact opposite. Read more

Three Problems in the Church That Should Never Ever Be Solved

There’s a difference between problems to solve and tensions to manage. If you try and solve the wrong problems, you’ll end up worse off than before. Read more

10 Toxic Traditions That Are Killing the Church

There are traditions near and dear to the heart of every church that can become toxic and deadly over time. Here are ten of the worst. Read more

The Sad Reality of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Alt-Right Condemnation

In honor of Jesus’ long-standing tradition of not making political statements, America’s largest Protestant denomination is now known for its political statements. Read more

Evangelicals Have Been Getting Evangelism All Wrong, Seriously

Evangelicals love their Bibles, so why is it that we’ve been ignoring what Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians about evangelism for the last 2000 years? Read more

The Spirit-Less Death Spiral for Churches

When the Holy Spirit is removed from a church, there’s a predictable and destructive death spiral that occurs. Read more

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