3 Out-of-the-Box Ministry Teams Your Church Needs to Create

If your church wants to harness the new platforms of the 21st century to reach people for Jesus, here are three ministry teams you need to create. [Read more…]

3 Mistakes Most Churches Made on Easter

Hopefully your Easter services were incredible and highly attended, but churches who fail to turn Easter guests into regular attenders usually make these three mistakes. [Read more…]

5 Church Rules That Are Made to Be Broken

In honor of Jesus, the chief rebel and instigator of our faith, here are five church rules that are made to be broken today. [Read more…]

5 False Teachings in the Evangelical World

As an Evangelical, it’s easy to spot heresy outside of our world. But when we take a closer look, there’s false teachings in our own house. [Read more…]

Is Inviting Someone to Church a Legitimate Form of Evangelism or Just a Cop Out?

Churches today seem to have two distinct approaches to evangelism. Which one is right? Which one is a cop out? [Read more…]

5 Ways to Reach People Who Couldn’t Care Less About Church

Apathy is the new hostility. If your church truly wants to reach those who are disinterested about church, here are five ways to start. [Read more…]

Why Do You Have to Be a Republican to Be a Christian Today?

If religion is meant to transcend politics, then why does it seem like you have to vote one political party to be a Christian? [Read more…]

The Thing That Keeps Most Non-Religious People Away From Church and 3 Ways to Solve It

The reason most people stay away from church isn’t what you think. Here’s three ways to begin to make an impact in your world. [Read more…]

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The Real Reason Why Christians Are So Upset About Beauty and the Beast

While a boycott may not be the best way to respond to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, the anger behind the boycott is easily explainable. [Read more…]

How to Boycott Like Jesus

Boycotting is all the rage among Christians these days, from Target to Beauty and the Beast. If we’re going to boycott, let’s boycott like Jesus did. [Read more…]