What does an ancient dream interpretation from the book of Genesis have to do with Trump’s America today? I personally think a lot. Read more

Unchurched and dechurched people are more willing to come to church during the Christmas season than you might expect, if someone will invite them. Read more

If you think you can only spend time with God through Bible study and prayer, you’re selling yourself (and God) short. Here are six unique ways . . . Read more

Besides being one of the biggest releases in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor Ragnarok has one timeless truth all preachers need to remember. Read more

Why didn’t God protect the people of FBC Sutherland Springs? Does this mean that God didn’t know or didn’t care or couldn’t prevent the massacre? Read more

More Americans probably watched Stranger Things this weekend than went to church. What can preachers learn from this binge worthy series? Read more

If you endure rather than anticipate your preacher’s sermons each week, it may be because he is making this fatal mistake. Read more

Non-believers are coming to your church every week. Do you see them? Don’t buy into these four myths about the non-believers coming to your church. Read more

I’ve got this thing with my kids. For some strange reason, I feel super protective over them. It’s as if how you treat my kids affects me. For instance, let’s assume you and I had a lunch date or golf outing planned, and you came by to pick me up. When you arrived at my house one of my four kids ran out of the house to greet you (they’re friendly, it’s a Southern thing). Instead of greeting my child, you… Read more

Where would Jesus jump in on the national anthem controversy raging through our culture right now? The answer might surprise (and frustrate) you. Read more

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