Complaining about the quality of a pastor’s sermons actually shows a biblical ignorance on how we grow spiritually. If you’re not being fed, do this. Read more

The natural assumption is that all churches today are New Testament churches, but are we acting more like Old Testament churches? Read more

Traditions are traditions are because they are valued and cherished by many, making them difficult to abandon and replace, even if they are harmful traditions. And there are cherished habits and traditions within the church today that are doing more harm than good, obstructing our ultimate objective of making disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). Here are ten of the biggest culprits. Read more

In the ancient Parable of the Sower, Jesus gives three reasons why even today the hearts of people can become hardened against the gospel. Read more

A crazy thing happens when you preach like non-Christians are in your audience each week: they actually show up! Here are five places to start. Read more

There’s a subtle but profound difference between knowledge and understanding, and when we preach for one and not the other, we do an incredible disservice to our hearers. Read more

Why would a self-professing non-Christian drive three hours to church and pay me that compliment? The answer is why we do church the way that we do. Read more

Having vision is the easy part; casting vision to others in a compelling way is much harder. Do this to cast a more compelling vision in your church. Read more

Society has devolved to speaking past each other, entrenching ourselves deeper into our camp while lobbing verbal bombs at the other side. That’s not good. Read more

Not all worship services are created equal. If you want your worship service to help people better know God, be sure to do these four things. Read more

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