10 Reasons Why People are Walking Away From Church

10 Reasons Why People are Walking Away From Church February 26, 2020

Jan Tinneberg

Sometimes nothing more than an empty seat next to us at church, we feel the weight of those who have walked away from church or faith. Recently I asked some Christians the reasons their friends and family gave when they left the church. What’s heartbreaking is that no one said, “I don’t know anyone who’s walked away.” Everyone had a story to tell. Here are ten reasons why people are walking away from the church:

1. Not feeling welcome. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, people felt like the church wasn’t for them. While church members probably never said anything outright, actions always speak louder than words.

2. Hypocrisy. It’s always difficult to reconcile when the words of Christians don’t match up with their actions. If people who claim the love of Jesus never show it, it’s hard for people to see a reason to buy-in.

3. God didn’t deliver. For some who walk away from faith, they had a very specific idea of what God should do in their lives, but He didn’t deliver. Typically an unanswered prayer, some walk away when God doesn’t do what they want Him to do.

4. Life is going well. This is a huge reason among the affluent. It’s not that some people are anti-God, they just don’t see the need. If God is only necessary when things aren’t going well, then why go to church when things are going well?

5. Too busy. Some people don’t intentionally walk away from church, they just get caught up with other things. They’re at church every Sunday, as long as they don’t have anything else going on. The problem is, there’s always something else going on.

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