10 Reasons Why People are Walking Away From Church

10 Reasons Why People are Walking Away From Church February 26, 2020

Ian Espinosa

6. Problem of evil. This is the biggest philosophical reason that drives people away from church. If God is all-powerful and all-loving, then why does evil still exist? When people can’t reconcile that question with their view of God, they walk away.

7. Hurt by the church. Some people have a very specific reason why they walked away from church. Something happened and someone hurt them, and that hurt drives them away from faith.

8. Judgmental. If people constantly feel judged every time they walk through the doors of a church, why subject themselves to that kind of punishment? When people feel judged, they stay away.

9. False gospel. Some people are brought to faith under false pretenses. On the front end of their relationship with God, they come in with the wrong idea, so walking away from it all at some point is almost inevitable.

10. No longer relevant. This is the one that can sting the most: faith no longer seems relevant. Somehow, someway, the church can take the most relevant and life-changing message in the world and communicate it in such a way where people see it as absolutely irrelevant.

There are many more reasons why people choose to walk away from church. What are reasons you’ve seen or heard?


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