Be Careful When You Check Your Phone During the Sermon

Be Careful When You Check Your Phone During the Sermon September 4, 2015

I know it’s tempting, preachers like me droning on and on during a sermon. Did anyone post anything interesting on Instagram in the last twenty minutes? Usually checking your phone during a sermon is a huge faux pas. You break it out and instantaneously feel judgment burning down your neck from the surrounding three rows.


Thank goodness for the Bible app! Now you can scroll to your hearts content, with everyone else thinking you’re a studious listener keeping up on your phone.

Unless you have cameras, like MTVchurch. We video our sermons, and for some of the Scripture shots, we do a wide angle viewpoint that captures part of the audience on the screen. Watch what happened a few weeks ago at church, and let it be a reminder: if you check your phone during church, we may be watching you do it!

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