Let’s Celebrate the Team That Won the Super Bowl Twice Sunday

Let’s Celebrate the Team That Won the Super Bowl Twice Sunday February 5, 2013

Being a California native, I was pulling for the 49ers in Sunday’s Super Bowl. However, I gained tremendous respect for and freely celebrate the team that won the Super Bowl twice on Sunday: the Baltimore Ravens.

Here’s how they won it twice: from the beginning of the game, they dominated their opponents. They were quicker and hungrier, building up a commanding 28-6 lead early into the 3rd quarter. They had the 49ers on the ropes. And then, the lights went out. Unheard of at a sports event of this caliber. With the blackout and 45 minute delay, the Ravens lost their most precious commodity: momentum.

During the delay, the 49ers were able to regroup and stage a furious comeback, scoring 17 unanswered points. Suddenly, we had a ball game. And that’s when the Ravens won the Super Bowl the second time. Dealt a horrendous setback through no fault of their own, they held their ground enough to grind out a win.

Greatness isn’t defined when life is easy, but when life is difficult. The Ravens’ ability to overcome adversity and win the game twice will forever mark them as great.

The takeaway for us is simple: how do you respond when life deals you a “black out,” a set of horrendous circumstances outside of your control? Do you give up, scream about how life is unfair and conveniently use the “black out” as a crutch? Or do you play on, absorbing the blow and grinding out the win?

Respect to the team who won the Super Bowl twice on Sunday. May we show that same tenacity in our own lives.

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