Philippians 4 Challenge: Day 21 (Final)

Philippians 4 Challenge: Day 21 (Final) January 30, 2016

This is it! You made it! 21 days ago you started down a path in search of the peace of God to guard your heart and your mind, of a closeness to God that would transform you from the inside out, and of contentment that would rise above any circumstance in your life. Those are the three promises of Philippians 4. To get there, we cultivated four habits from Philippians 4:

Habit #1: Choose to be joyful.

Habit #2: Pray with thanksgiving.

Habit #3: Think on noble things.

Habit #4: Repeat daily.

At the start of the Challenge you took a survey to establish your baseline. 21 days later it’s time to step on the scales one more time and see how much unhappiness you’ve lost and how much contentment you’ve gained. It’s time to see if the Philippians 4 Challenge worked!

Click the link below to answer the same six questions that you answered to start the Challenge. Use the same email address so I can match up the answers, and I’ll email you with your results (within 24-48 hours). Thank you so much for taking the Philippians 4 Challenge, and may these habits continue to lead you closer to Jesus and deeper into contentment! #phil4challenge

[Take Final Survey Here]

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