Repost: Pawn Shop Evangelism

Repost: Pawn Shop Evangelism May 29, 2015

originally posted December 15, 2014

Yesterday at the end of church services I met a new young couple. Been in town for several years, first time at Mt Vernon (and church in general in quite some time). Married for three days. The husband came up to say that he enjoyed the services and that they were planning on coming back. Always fascinated with where people come from and how they connected with our church, I asked him how they heard about our church. And that’s when I heard about the pawn shop.


The other day this new husband was at a local pawn shop buying bullets. (I’m not from the South but apparently this is a normal occurrence). While he was there he started talking with an older gentleman who happened to go to our church. Both are veterans. At the end of the conversation the older vet invited the younger vet to our church and told him he’d be looking for him. And here they came.

Simple. Easy. Life changing. Think about the simplicity of it all. You’re at a store buying something. Instead of just focusing on the purchase your eyes are opened to the opportunities around you. God brings someone into your path with whom you have a connection. Rather than just talk about the similarities you pivot the conversation and invite them to church. That’s all this older veteran did.

Now here’s where it gets fun. Let’s play this scenario out: the couple is married now for a total of four days. A brand new marriage. They love Mt Vernon and decide to plug in. They are surrounded by healthy mentoring couples who help them build a marriage that stands the test of time. This young couple will most likely have kids, who will now grow up surrounded by the truth in church. Generations potentially will be affected by one simple conversation while buying bullets at a pawn shop.

Today isn’t an ordinary Monday. God has a divine appointment for you to change the spiritual trajectory of someone you’ll come into contact with. Don’t miss it!

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