When Guidance Doesn’t Come

When Guidance Doesn’t Come August 25, 2019

Guidance comes in many forms. Nature speaks, and it may be the sudden flock of birds in your backyard imploring you to take responsibility for your emotions, or the strike of lightning right after you ask a question. Sometimes guidance comes in the words of a song or another form of media at a time and in a way that magnifies the moment and gives weight to the words so that they settle like lead inside of you.

Sometimes guidance seems to be strangely absent, often in moments of decision when we fear consequences, and what we really want is the decision to be made for us, for the universe to just tell us what to do. It can easily feel like being forsaken, as these moments illuminate how alone we are in our choices.

Being told what to do isn’t guidance, it’s dictatorship, and that’s just not the way the powers that be roll. The universe, the spirits, will not take responsibility for our lives. We don’t get to blame them for our choices or what follows. We are gifted instead with terrifying freedom and autonomy.

These moments show us that we are often too quick to give up this freedom and power out of fear. We abdicate our sovereign role in our lives so quickly out of fear of doing the wrong thing. Fear is the enemy of liberty. Who gave fear a seat at your decision making table? Take that seat back. Give it to love and trust. Own your life.

These moments set us face to face with our own spirits and compel us to answer the question of how well we know ourselves and how willing we are to trust our own inner spirit to lead the way. How curious it is, that the powers that be trust us and demonstrate that trust by stepping back and giving us space to choose. We often feel in these moments that we have been forsaken, when the truth is we are being supported, and the guidance in these moments of stark silence is an overwhelming message of we believe in you.

Have you let it sink in that your guides, your ancestors, the universe itself, all believe in you? Have you considered the magnitude of what it means to be trusted by these spirits?

This is all not to say that if you need help you shouldn’t seek it. Sometimes you need an objective point of view or a deeper look at a situation and the way your decisions might play out, in which case getting a reading may be beneficial. But make no mistake, the decisions will always be in your hands. You’re here, the spirits believe in you, so believe in yourself. You’ve got this.

Featured image via pixabay.

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