Full Moon Guidance- August 2019

Full Moon Guidance- August 2019 August 14, 2019

This month we’re going to get right down to it with the messages. Themes have been centered around courage, abundance, and paying attention, indicating to me that this is full moon can be a catalyst for great things for many of you.

You can read below for your sun sign, or include your moon and rising sign for a fuller message.

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Clarity comes to you, along with a much needed lifting of the spirits. Focus your energy and intentions. The way is unfolding, the path is opening up. Trust the outcomes to come as they should, and strive for seeing through the lens of truth. Take a bit of relaxation into your life and give space for what you want to see manifest to unfold. Many things are coming into being. Remember to thank your spirits.


It’s time to say no to all that is bad for you, all that brings you down, all that quells your spirit. Be courageous enough to end bad habits, make new choices, and put distance between you and the people and things that cause chaos in your life. Take full responsibility for the way your life is, and have the courage to make necessary changes. It’s ok to be afraid, but act anyway.


Protect your resources. Yes, you have a lot to give. Yes, you are fully abundant. No, not everyone deserves what you have to offer. No, not everyone will be appreciative of you. Increase your spiritual protection practices. Take a little space to examine the people and situations you’re giving your time and effort to, and make sure that it’s the right use of your abundance.


Ask yourself if your choices and actions are sustaining your spirit, your relationships, your life force, the environment. There’s a high tendency for self-sabotage right now, so bear this in mind as you go about your life. Trust your intuition but avoid paranoia. It’s ok to be vulnerable with trustworthy people. Form routines that feed your spirit and the spirits of those around you.


You’re all over the place. Can you even tell up from down anymore? There is a strong need for ritual in your life right now, something that anchors you to the present. Step back from strong emotional involvement and try on some new perspectives. There’s something important that you’ve been looking at all wrong. Open your mind.


It’s time for you to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be abundant. There are layers upon layers to this life, and many ways to be fulfilled and have plenty. Don’t ignore the spiritual nourishment you need. This is the foundation to all other forms of abundance. Your abilities to manifest are especially strong right now. Take advantage of this energy to bring about deeper abundance in your life.


Focus on your heart center and soothing your emotions. Give expression to what you’re feeling without fear for how others may perceive you. This is a time when being open brings great benefits. The need to simply be, and be understood, is strong. Let communication take a central role.


This too shall pass, and when it does the question of how you’ve changed will be staring you in the face. There is a tendency to believe that what is happening now will be the way things are forever, and it’s simply not true. Pick through the rubble for the beauty in each situation and allow your experiences to pass over, until the sky comes clear again.


There is strength within you that is calling to others, asking if you’ll step up to the plate and be of service. Using your experiences to help others is one of the greatest ways to show growth. There is a need for solid boundaries here, though. While it’s lovely and important to show up for the people you care about, do not allow your energy to be drained, and avoid the urge to save anyone. Share your wisdom, share your advice, and know when to walk away.


There is growth emerging from your ability to be open and to trust. Focus on cultivating compassion, joy, and kindness, and watch your life fill with color as a result. Be receptive to the love coming from the Spirits and the people around you. Trust that you are deeply cared for and loved as you are.


You have the strength and ability to endure whatever comes your way. Be strong enough to be open with someone who will not judge you. Tap into your intuition by quieting your mind. A message is trying to come through for you, but you have to be willing to receive it. Examine your wild urges, bring to light your true desires. You don’t need to hold back. You can reveal your truth.


Pay attention to the signs. They’re all around you, showing up consistently, trying to communicate with you. Be courageous and trust the signs you see. Learn to recognize patterns and act accordingly. The spirits have been speaking to you gently. Have the courage to hear them before they need to get any louder. There’s more going on than what’s on the surface. Pay attention.

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