Full Moon in Virgo Readings- March 2020

Full Moon in Virgo Readings- March 2020 March 9, 2020

March is one of my favorite times of the year because it brings change, and because it is my birthday month. The winds blow in all kinds of possibilities and opportunities, the weather is fickle, the air is positively ripe with a delicious chaos that can be harnessed for amazing results. 

And so I’ve chosen the song “from the ground up” by Ayla Nereo as the March full moon anthem because it encompasses this energy and because no matter what (and say it with me): I choose this life I’m gonna lead, and I must give my hands to make it. 

The wisdom I’ve channeled for you for this full moon is below, organized by zodiac sign. Read for your rising and moon sign along with your sun sign for a more complete picture. And if you’d like direct counsel, click here. You can also find me on Facebook.


Your fears have been given too much power and too much space because you’ve been avoiding them rather than dealing with them head on. It’s time for a new approach. Take your power back. Observe your fears. Hold them in your hands. Approach them with curiosity. What need is hidden underneath? How do you need to be fed? A new perspective comes, heralding clarity, and the fear dissolves in this light. 


Breakdown never happens out of no where. Despite the shock and awe, a part of you has been manifesting this change because you’ve outgrown so much. Try not to label your experiences, or cast judgment on yourself, or assign moral value to what is happening within yourself and your life. You were made to fly, not crawl around blind. Your wings demand the current of air. Trust yourself, trust your path, and always leave room for growth. 


Nothing but complete honesty in the present moment will serve you. Take this time for an honest look at where you’ve been, where you wish to go, and which allies will accompany you. You have choices to make, and the path is open. You must build the road you’ll walk with clarity. Set your pride and defenses aside. Let the vulnerable truth wash over you and prepare the way. 


When you’re not sure what to do, sit in the quiet with your face to the sun and breathe. Clarity will come to you here. You’ve taken aim, now trust your arrows to meet their mark. Something you thought was lost or unattainable may present to you. There is a way forward. Be loyal, steadfast, true. All is not lost. Even the dreams you’ve thrown away have been picked up and held for safe-keeping. It may be time to do something with them now. 


You need to deal with what is ending, and you can do so with grace. There are many treasures to be found in this, so much to pick up once you’ve let go. All kinds of revelations, all kinds of joys, all kinds of possibilities are hidden under the mud of your tight-fisted perspective. You can’t avoid yourself, and really it does you no good to try. Perhaps there are no guarantees for what’s ahead, but that’s also no cause for fear. Don’t run from this. Run towards it. There’s so much promise on the other side. 


Come out of hiding, take off the mask, and share your truth. All that you’ve been holding in has confused things in your life. Forget ideals, see plainly, so that you can love and be loved plainly, truly, fiercely. Embrace your desire and the need it grows from. Reveal your truth so that you can be seen, so that all can move forward. Denial is no one’s friend. Lose the word “should” from your vocabulary and embrace what is. 


Be so gentle with yourself. Make space to dream, to allow your mind to wander, to let go of thought completely and dive into the river of your emotions where the waters will eventually run clear again. You are so many things, filled with so many possibilities. There is always a little joy inside of grief and sorrow. It is the joy of love that makes grief and sorrow possible. You will feel joy again. 


Hello to new beginnings. Something you’ve been nurturing is beginning to grow. Be mindful of your energy. What is new always requires a degree of protection and a good amount of attention. Pour your love into it, and practice grounding. There is promise here, this is an auspicious time for you. Make the most of every opportunity. 


Everything is starting to come together. A big change is coming, and it may have already begun. What you’re working toward is paying off. Keep focused on what is important to you. Let your values guide your actions. The moment of success is at hand. Your hands are filling with blessings. Any situation that you aren’t happy with can be turned around with a ginger approach. Don’t give up. 


Things change on a dime and grief takes time. You don’t have to pretend to have it all together. Events that dredge up old wounds or poke them require your focused attention. Don’t turn away from opportunity, heal through it. There are no skipped steps in healing, no shortcuts, no bypasses. There is only the face of you at every age you’ve ever been with eyes imploring: see, validate, acknowledge, accept. Give yourself peace through acceptance. What is done cannot be changed, but you can do something with it. You can heal. And you can allow another to hold you through it. 


The moment you’ve been waiting for is here now, begins now. The way is open and you’re about to step over an important threshold. Notice this moment. Thank your ancestors and guides for their wisdom and protection. You may feel like the choice before you is small, but it leads to great things. The gate is open. Trust what is on the other side. 


Your mental energy is abuzz and all kinds of ideas and activities are flowing fast. You’ll do well to watch the thoughts you think and to question the assumptions you make. No one is free from perspective and sometimes a wonky one colors events ugly, and misunderstandings occur. Make amends where necessary. Seek wisdom and refuse to take life personally. 


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