Faery Guidance for the Week of August 15th, 2022

Faery Guidance for the Week of August 15th, 2022 August 15, 2022
Faery Guidance for this week comes to us from Sairie, the Faery Godmother. She holds gifts in each hand, and it’s up to us to accept them and to know what to do with them. Her companions gaze out at us with contented smiles, the same kind of smiles we have when we’re giving gifts to others that we know they’ll be ecstatic to receive. The owl behind her reminds us that there is wisdom behind her actions. Her crown of stars, flowers, and branches shows her ability to affect change on multiple levels.
faery guidance Jascha Botanicals owl in the oak tarot
The Faery Godmother from Brian Froud’s Faeries Oracle

Faery Message for Us

The Faery Godmother comes to us to remind us that our dreams can come true. We are heard, we are seen. She brings all manner of gifts and grace our way. Expect good things. Perhaps something you thought wasn’t going to happen suddenly works out, or someone shows up for you in a surprising way. Your ability to receive is being tested. Will you turn away what you asked for if it comes from an unexpected source?
She also wants us to know that there is magic within us, and where we have the opportunity to bless others, we should. Do the kind thing. Seek wisdom and explore what grace means to you in your life. There’s a valuable lesson and a treasure trove of growth in exploring this.
Some updates:
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Jessica Jascha is a Clinical Herbalist, Intuitive Consultant and writer in Minnesota. She also writes for Witch Way Magazine. She owns Jascha Botanicals and Owl in the Oak Tarot where she gives readings, teaches ritual, and provides holistic consultations. You can find her on Facebook.


featured image and blog image mine, card from Brian Fraud & Jessica MacBeth’s “Faeries Oracle”

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