Money is Feminine

Money is Feminine August 19, 2022

Money, wealth, and abundance is a sticky and charged topic. It has to do with our survival, and there are a lot of ways to get off track with this aspect of our lives. We’ve been conditioned to see money as inherently masculine, but in reality, money and abundance are inherently feminine. Our pagan ancestors recognized this, and we can it ourselves when look back upon our myths. 

Money is how we meet our basic needs of food, shelter, and comfort. It’s one way that we measure value. In today’s world it’s paper and coins which we collectively give meaning to and use to get what we need and what we want. Everything that we could want comes from the land, and the land is feminine. We know her as Mother Nature, Gaia. She is the source we return to for our renewal. 

Feminine Energy is the Crux of All Abundance

The labor of women has gone unrecognized for centuries. As a culture we exalt Thoreau for living a simple life in nature, meanwhile his mother brought him food and Walden Pond was on her property. The work of housewives maintaining homes and cooking and raising children has long been invisible in an economic sense, even though that work created the foundation for which a man could go out and “make a living” and society could keep on moving.  

There are ancient stories about the harm that comes to mankind when the land is dishonored. In Celtic culture, wells were responsible for the prosperity and the health of the land, and the spirits that guarded these wells were honored. There are some versions of the story of the Grail where the Well Maidens are abducted and raped. When the Well Maidens are treated so viciously, the waters run dry and the land becomes barren. This is the natural result when the feminine is disrespected. We see this dynamic playing out today in a variety of ways, climate change being the most obvious. 

Masculine vs. Feminine Money Energy

The ways we receive money and abundance can be both masculine (work for it) and feminine (be it, attract it, receive it) and in a balanced state, it’s a combination of both. When we are making money through action effort, we are working within the masculine principle. This twists us up when we start to believe that this action is synonymous with who we are, that the “doing” is what is most important and valuable. In reality, we are the money. We are the value. We don’t have abundance, we are abundant. If it weren’t for us, money itself would be entirely irrelevant. 

Many of us turn down and turn away from what is freely given. We buy into the narrative that it shouldn’t be easy, or that there is something inherently wrong with accepting gifts. How often do you say yes when someone else offers to pay for you? Can you think of a time when you wanted something and it was offered to you, but you didn’t accept it because you didn’t think it should come to you in the way that it was presented? Often, we value what we worked for over what we are given. We should look at why that is and why we are often uncomfortable with the vulnerability of receiving. 

We live in a time where food and shelter is plentiful. There’s absolutely no legitimate reason that anyone should be homeless or hungry. These should be basic rights for every single person in this world. The fact that we have advanced in such a way that there’s truly enough for all, but not everyone has what they need, is a man-made issue of distribution, not an issue of scarcity. This reflects imbalance in our values (as a collective) between masculine and feminine energy. 

Cultivating a Healthy Relationship to Money and Abundance

Being healthy in relation to money, wealth, and abundance is not just about mind over matter. It’s irritating and invalidating whenever someone tells us that we just have to be positive, as if there aren’t a variety of factors playing into our current state of individual abundance. However, our underlying attitudes and beliefs do inform what we allow ourselves to receive, and we should look at them. Do you believe money is evil, or that there’s a limited amount of it, or that you don’t deserve it? What other beliefs do you have about money and abundance that are secretly motivating your decisions? 

Abundance and wealth is not just about money and possessions. It’s about spiritual wisdom and physical, emotional, relational health. In a balanced state, we are both receiving and doing. We don’t just take, we also give. There are many forms of work, but only some which we attribute value to, and this alone requires a deeper investigation as to why. 

Take some time to really think about what money, abundance, and wealth means to you. Think about how the feminine and masculine energy around this issue has played out in your own life. This month’s moon rituals are all about money and abundance, with prompts for you to consider and actions for you to take to become more prosperous, abundant, and wealthy. For the month of August only, I’m also providing a 7 question reading where we explore what you can do to be fully in the flow of abundance and bring more prosperity into your life.

About the Author

Jessica Jascha is a Clinical Herbalist, Intuitive Consultant and writer in Minnesota. She also writes for Witch Way Magazine. She owns Jascha Botanicals and Owl in the Oak Tarot where she gives readings, teaches ritual, and provides holistic consultations. You can find her on Facebook.

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