Full Moon in Sagittarius Horoscopes- June 2020

Full Moon in Sagittarius Horoscopes- June 2020 June 6, 2020

The last day of the full moon is today, and last night I had the urge to channel messages for you once again so with little light I scribbled these out to transcribe for you today. Consider these messages as inspiration, rather than prediction, because that’s what they are. Read for your sun sign, your rising sign, and your moon sign if you wish to do so for a fuller picture. And make sure you take time to process. There’s often a pressure we feel to keep moving when what we need to do is rest, to keep engaging when what we need is to disengage from the outside and reengage within. Reengage with yourself. Touch your intuition and say hello. She has missed you.


Set aside your desire for a moment and look again, and look deeper. Stop ignoring the warning signs just because you want what you want when you want it. You will save yourself so much heartache later by facing the truth now. Stop stuffing down and silencing your intuition. You don’t owe anyone the benefit of the doubt and you don’t owe anyone a response when what they’re serving you is junk. You don’t need yet another scarf made from all the red flags someone gave you.


Good things don’t always come easily, often you have to fight for it. Old patterns need to be worked through and released. It’s time to level up, to take a chance on a new way of responding. Stop looking outside of yourself for what you need. You have every resource within you to succeed, thrive, flourish. Don’t look out, dig in.


It’s all about growth for you, reward for your hard work, developing and growing patience, and being your natural self. Live it up. Take stock of what’s no longer helping you live your best life, and let it go. Weed the garden of your heart and soul, and pour your energy into what’s important. Remember that growth takes time. Don’t stress. Trust the process.


To be open, you have to… be open. It’s really that simple. Asking how is overthinking. Breathe in deeply and feel your lungs expand. They are open. Your chest is open. That is how simple it is. Focus on what it means for you to receive and take note of all the ways you’ve been shrugging off or denying your blessings. Start saying “yes” instead.


Go within and make real acquaintance with your grief. It’s easier to run away and distract, but you can’t outrun it, so face it. Empty spaces can feel scary and overwhelming, but they are also magickal and full of promise. They also never stay empty for very long. Make friends with your pain, find the wisdom in it, and you will transcend it.


What kind of friend are you? What kind of friends do you have? This is coming into focus, and imbalances will become difficult to ignore. Give and take is the natural order. Nature always reciprocates. If you need help, ask, and if you see a need, give. This will put you right. Re-examine how you live out your values in relationship to others. You may need to make adjustments and in some cases, amends.


Stop hiding and start sharing. When you close yourself off for fear of judgment, fear of bothering someone, or fear in general, the natural result is a sense of disconnect and isolation. You are one branch of a deeply rooted tree living in community with many others, privy to nurturing by this world by virtue of simply existing. Not one of us is truly separate. You’re allowed to need others. Let them be there for you.


The truth is a wildfire and you are keeper of the flame. Epiphanies, clarity, is descending upon you and once it does, you can never go back. Pay attention to what is said in the dark. There are deep clues that answer your questions. Being honest is always easier when you can be anonymous. Put your mask on and tell the truth, if only to yourself.


Come back down to earth and look around. You’re missing important information with your head in the clouds. What you put energy into is what grows. What do you want, and what are you doing to get it? It will not fall into your lap without any effort on your part. are your intentions known, be as clear as possible, and go for it. There is a time to dream and a time to act. Get your shit together, because the time for dreaming is past and the reality of attainment is about to slip through your fingers.


We all have longings, you are feeling yours more acutely right now. It is all too easy to feel longing and forget your power, thinking that the longing is the answer rather than the question. You are magic. Call what you desire to yourself. Think of the Pied Piper or the Siren who plays their song and waits for the inevitable enchanted response. There is no doubt that what was called will come. It’s not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of “when.” Call in your blessings and with patience and gratitude, trust and believe they are en route to you.


Life gifts us with many surprises. We never really question the happy ones, but the unpleasant surprises often come with a little inkling of clarity, a little notice that you ignored a sign or many signs in the past. So what’s the point right now? Pay attention. That’s all. Just pay attention to your life. Use your intuition. Make new choices, leave room for growth. We all have things we would rather not see. Your intuition is always only ever your ally. Expect the unexpected, and be prepared for change. There is always a blessing even in the hardest breakdown, even if it takes ages and hindsight to recognize it. Embrace your life with the fullness of your being.


Take a look at your attitudes and how they are affecting your quality of life. How can you bless yourself and others today? In what ways can you grow in compassion toward yourself and others? Fix your mind on what is lovely and you will grow in loveliness. Give yourself and the world a bit of TLC. There is enough condemning energy in the world right now. Be the balance and look for who you can bless, and how you can bless them.


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