New Moon in Cancer Horoscopes- June 2020

New Moon in Cancer Horoscopes- June 2020 June 20, 2020

Tomorrow’s new moon in Cancer occurs right before the solar eclipse. What a week it has been! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling it, especially with all the planets that are in retrograde. This is a good time for releasing and starting fresh. Check out the summer solstice phoenix ritual if you’re looking for a way to honor this threshold.

The messages below are meant to be read as inspiration. Read for your sun, moon, and rising sign if you like. Take what resonates and leave the rest. And here are some links if you’d like to connect with me directly or benefit from some of my other services.

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That longing you feel is a message to pay attention to right now. You can have your dreams. You can and do have that nameless, intangible fulfillment of your desire. It’s already within you. It all exists and is fulfilled within you, entirely independent of anyone else, first. No matter what you want for yourself, you have cultivate it within yourself first, always. Then, when it manifests in the outer world through the people in your life and through your experiences, it will be sustained and true because its essence is within you, untouchable.


Be conscious of where and how you’re directing your energy, especially when you have an excess of it, which is likely right now. Unexpressed energy often manifests as anxiety. Now is the time to channel your energy toward creative and life-affirming endeavors. Pay attention to your thoughts. Pay attention to how you are thinking about yourself and others. Our thoughts are a form of nourishment. Don’t feed yourself with trash. Nothing is as bad as it may seem. Don’t let the energy of this moon carry you away. Stay grounded.


Enjoy the relationships in your life. Make a point to connect with your friends and family. Take note of how others show up for you, and how you show up for them. Remember the basics of good friendship (love, trust, communication, laughter) and endeavor to cultivate them. Give yourself permission to be vulnerable. You may be surprised at how people willingly show up for you without judgment.


Take a big step back from all emotionally charged situations. Walk away, breathe, the time for yourself. Take a significant pause before responding to others. Everything may feel bigger, stronger, more serious or more sinister than it actually is. The greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of space and a different perspective. Try to find another way to view things.


Practice listening. Go out into the woods and be silent. Be still, and feel the solid ground beneath your feet. You’ll soon find that you can easily survive an encounter with yourself. You’ll soon find that your self speaks to you, and that what is said when space to be heard is given is worth your attention. There’s been a lot of good advice floating around you. Setting aside your pride and taking the advice will benefit you greatly.


If you want to move forward you will need to face what is yet to be healed within you. Your grief has been simmering below the surface as you’ve carried on with your days, with your life. You can’t avoid it forever. It demands to be seen and heard. It is coming now to the surface. This exposed raw nerve of what you’ve denied or been denied will have your attention one way or another. Answer the riddles at the crossroads between what was and what could be, and you’ll find freedom, healing, and the way forward opening up for you.


Well, changes happen, don’t they? Surprises of any variety may crop up at this time, and handling them with grace requires only the knowledge that life is not actually out to get you. Pay extra close special attention to all intuitive nudgings and you can avoid many unpleasant surprises. Slow down and be observant. This will save you a lot of energy and help you avoid significant frustration.


A time for ideas, inspiration, and active imagination is upon you. You may find yourself quite popular in a whirlwind of socializing, with lots of plans being made or aching to be made. But pause. Ponder before moving forward. There’s no rush right now. Check all of these ideas against the energy required to follow through with them. Now is the time to get very specific about what you’re willing to give and what will provide worthwhile returns. Enjoy the brainstorming and the imagining, but be practical and thoughtful with any next steps.


Be honest. Be scrupulously honest with yourself and with others. You may feel strong desire, but what are you actually willing to give? Where does desire meet viability, and what is your intuition telling you? Don’t play off the truth, don’t be trifling. You could lose something great by hiding behind bravado or any other falsehoods, or by playing games. Be straightforward. To avoid heartache (yours or others) abandon all self-delusion. Take a long look at your true motives. Ask yourself what will truly serve you best.


Connect with your truth. Forget about what you think you want, or what others say you should want. What comes up for you in the dark, when you’re alone, when your mind is caught off guard? What is the secret in your heart that slips out before you’ve had a chance to censor it? What do you truly long for? Align with that. You can have it. Adjust to yourself and the world will adjust to you.


Please, speak up. You have things to say that others need to hear. Clear the air. Be precise. Be committed to excellence in communication. Double and triple check all of your agreements. Trust that your truth will be received. Make space for what is in your heart to flow out of you. There are so many ways to communicate. Hone your listening skills by learning better the language of silences and of movement. All you have to do to hear your ancestors is pause and be present.


You know how to read the signs. Just slow down and pay attention. Practice patience and watchfulness and all will become clear. The answers you’ve been seeking are hiding in plain sight. Sometimes it’s not about looking deeper. Sometimes it’s just about expanding your view. There’s something to be said about the first and the trees and the forest made up of the trees giving a complete picture. That complete picture is the sweet spot of recognition for you. Bring all the parts together. Relax and let it come into focus.



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