How to Create a Blessing Hand

How to Create a Blessing Hand December 3, 2020

This work assumes you’ve already created blessing water. If you haven’t already created it, do that before doing this work. The blessing water is what will be used to feed the blessing hand. If you’re incorporating moon phases into your blessing hand work, make sure to begin this work on the new moon. 

A blessing hand is a highly personal spirit bag that represents you and your blessings, and attracts to you what you want for yourself. A blessing hand is not meant to be seen or touched by anyone except the person it is for. So when you create your blessing hand, keep it to yourself. Don’t post pictures of it, don’t show it to anyone, but keep it on or near your person at all times. What you put into it is up to you, so consider this carefully before undertaking the work and consider the weight of it as well, since you’ll be keeping with you always. 

You’ll need to feed it regularly (at least once a week) by anointing it with blessing water. You can also feed it with incense, such as frankincense. You should talk to it regularly. This is a living work, and neglect of it will result in loss of what you wanted to create with it. 

Consider what you want for yourself whether that be protection, spirit connection, to grow your occult powers, love, wealth, etc. Use your intuition on what to put inside this hand. Don’t forget to include a personal tag such as hair or fingernail clippings or spit.

If you want to bless your finances you could put in a dollar bill (anointed with money oil or not), or for your love life a rose quartz or cinnamon stick, for your personal power you could create a sigil and draw it on birch bark to put inside, or even embroider the bag with it on the outside. It’s entirely up to you. 

Once you know what you want for this hand, gather the bag (whether a small plain linen or velvet bag, or a handkerchief, is totally up to you) and all that will go inside of it. Cleanse yourself, your work space, and your tools. Ensure that your ancestors are fed and taken care of and ask for their protection.

Construct your bag. In your own words, ask your ancestors to bless this working and to bless you through it. Feed the hand, and then keep it close to you and out of sight of others. When you speak to the bag, tell it what it is doing for you and thank it. 

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