Oracle for the Full Moon in Leo

Oracle for the Full Moon in Leo January 25, 2021

I was a little surprised at what was revealed when I pulled cards for this full moon. Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised, since healing takes time and intention. I’m using the same cards as before for this reading for the collective: The Faeries Oracle. May Hekate’s torches light your path. Blessings to you as you go forth bravely.

(Pictured: The Faeries’ Oracle, from Left to right: The Pook, Singer of Intuition, Epona’s Wild Daughter, Iris of the Rainbows)

The first two cards for this reading demanded to be pulled together, and they carry with them a resounding message from this month’s new moon reading: love truth, and trust your intuition. Apply the wisdom of your intuition to your life, to assist you in overcoming any and all confusion. Much of the time when we feel confused, it’s because we do know what we ought to do, what’s really going on, but we don’t want to believe it and act on it. Commit to honesty with yourself. If you settle for self-deception, you will only gain more pain in the end. The truth always comes out.

Next, Epona’s Wild Daughter shows us that there is still hard work to do once you commit to self-honesty: losses to grieve, anger to accept and release, painful realities to endure and move forward from. All of this hard work carries lessons to learn about compassion and love, especially for yourself. She is also here to remind you that you are spiritually supported, and that you do not go through any of this alone. Though the valley is deep, you are strong and can make it through.

Iris shows up as the promise as to what is on the other side of doing this inner healing work: better days, joy, the promise that everything is not so bad as it seems, that all storms do pass and clear skies return. She is the abiding force of hope and the balm that reminds us that everything is fleeting, especially troubles. Don’t get bogged down. Keep your eye on the horizon. Know that on the other side of all this is a healthier, more whole you, with lots of new dreams and blessings to indulge in.

In short, this full moon is here to highlight what still needs healing in you, and doing the healing work will invite more opportunities and blessings into your life. You have the choice to grow through it or to be stymied by it. Your path is up to you.


Jessica Ripley is a Hekatean witch, writer, and spiritual consultant from Minnesota with a lifetime of study and experience in witchcraft and spiritual practice. She owns Owl in the Oak Tarot and also writes for Witch Way Magazine. Find her on Facebook

featured image via pixabay.

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