Tarotscopes for the Sagittarius Full Moon

Tarotscopes for the Sagittarius Full Moon May 24, 2021

These messages for the full moon in Sagittarius occurring this Wednesday should be read as inspiration and general guidance. With each zodiac sign I share the card that was pulled. You can read for your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign for a fuller messsage. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

Aries – The Moon

There is so much going on under the surface for you. Hidden emotions, fears, doubts, concerns are all coming to light. Deal with them with compassion. Trust and know that you have the wisdom and resources you need to handle whatever comes your way. Remember that your emotions are valid, but they aren’t the truth- they are only signs. Read them and do the necessary work.

Taurus- 4 of Wands

You want and need a happy, secure home and you’ve been willing to do the work to make it so. If it’s been difficult, know that this moon will bring reward for your efforts and reprieve from the difficulties you’ve been embroiled in. It all starts with loving yourself first. Put energy and effort into the relationships and activities that bring you joy, and your joy will multiply. Strong and renewed commitments are indicated as well. Be open to the ones that honor your needs.

Gemini- 9 of Wands

You’re well prepared to go to battle, but what about opening your heart and being vulnerable? Healing has to happen on every level of your being in order to be complete. It’s time to put down your defenses and your weapons. You’ve been through a lot, but you need to be open to a new way of living and connecting if you want to actually move on from the past and free yourself from your troubles. Be open. Your heart knows what you need. Listen.

Cancer- Page of Swords

You could be a little clearer in your communications. There may be news coming your way or information you’ve been waiting on that finally arrives. Double check that you are hearing and understanding correctly. Now is a good time for research, for finding common ground with others, and for taking time before giving responses. Let “respond not react” be your mantra. You must know what you want, need, and why, and how that does or doesn’t fit with what’s being presented to you, before you commit to anything.

Leo- 4 of Coins

Now is the time to reserve your resources and take stock of how you’re using them. Be open to new opportunities but don’t throw your time, energy, or money away on just anything. Look to your material resources for what needs balance and improvement. Do you have a savings account that you regularly fill and don’t touch? How about a retirement plan? Balance being prudent with having fun. Too much spending and not enough saving, or vice versa, will bring trouble. Make sure you’re planning for the future.

Libra- Knight of Coins

Be patient. Things will not always be this way. The changes you want to make in your life require both planning and follow through. Ask yourself what steps you are taking or can take now to create the life you want for yourself. If you want to change jobs, are you counting all your skills and applying to new positions? If you want to change things in your relationships are you showing up in a new and better way? What do you want and what are the practical steps that will help you get there? Take inventory of what you can do right now today, and then take that first step. One small step, one small change, can open up a world of opportunities and possibilities.

Scorpio- 6 of Wands

The success you’ve been working toward is at hand, and you will have a lot to celebrate. This will be an important win for you, but remember that it doesn’t mean there’s no work left to do. Consistent effort is what bears consistent reward so make sure to build on the momentum. Celebrate your achievements but don’t let them go to your head. Your loved ones see you and recognize all that you bring to the table. Remember that no one succeeds alone, all achievements are a team effort.

Sagittarius- 5 of Wands

Tensions could be high and disagreements at hand. Remember that cooperation requires compromise from everyone involved. Ask for what you need and respect what others are telling you they need. Bear in mind what your ultimate goals truly are. Being right may feel good in the moment but if the issues at hand are emotional in nature, being right is irrelevant. Relationships are poetry, not mathematics. Focus on listening to understand and ask the same of those around you so that all can be resolved amicably.

Capricorn-  Queen of Wands

Everything in your life needs more nurturing and compassion. You don’t need to be actively pursuing every goal or forcing your agendas all the time. In fact, it’s counterproductive. You cannot force a flower to grow, you can only encourage it through the attention you give it, and it needs the right kind of attention to thrive. This same truth applies to all of your relationships. A light touch is needed now. How you are showing up matters. Soften toward those you are close to and trust the natural timing of things. Whether or not you’re giving what is actually needed, matters. The only way to know what is truly needed is by listening and paying attention. You can’t do that if you’re ramming ahead or focused on what you want at the expense of everything and everyone else.

Aquarius- 8 of Coins

Focus on your work. There is a lot to do, and it’s best to get organized and just do it. Keep in mind what you’re creating and shaping by by doing this work. Whether it’s the work of spring cleaning, your actual job, or some other craft you’re into, give it the time and energy it deserves to become what it was meant to be, and don’t forget why it is so important to you. If it’s not bringing you joy in one form or another it needs another look.

Pisces- Queen of Cups

Your intuition is the key to your sense of peace. Make a commitment to trust yourself first, but be open to the help of others. No matter what is going on, remember that you are your own safe space. You may need to set aside fear and trust others. You know what your intuition is telling you, but that doesn’t mean others don’t need to do their own due diligence. Quell any of the emotions that make you combative, or else you’ll be unable to receive the truth. Enter your emotional depths with courage and accept what is there with the understanding that it cannot drown you, it can only serve you.



Jessica Ripley is a Hekatean witch, writer, and spiritual consultant. She owns Owl in the Oak Tarot and also write for Witch Way Magazine. You can connect with her on Facebook


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