A Spell to Reveal the Truth

A Spell to Reveal the Truth February 20, 2021

I developed this truth spell in a time of great need, when I thought someone who was my adversary was hiding something that would be extremely detrimental to me. Since it was already a situation in which I was at a severe disadvantage, I channeled this spell through my ancestors. It worked for me in an unexpected way. This spell will, above all, bring clarity. 

Instead of bringing to light a deception, it opened this person’s eyes to the way they were treating me and the way their treatment of me was getting in the way of their desired outcome. It made a very volatile temporary situation habitable until I was able to leave. 

Be aware that when you complete this spell that it can work in a variety of ways. Be specific and thoughtful in your petition. In my original spell I used three oils (Master Key Oil, Van Van Oil, and Dragon’s Blood Oil) created by a trusted rootworker named Fredericka Turner at Conjuria. You can substitute High John the Conquerer Oil (purchased or made by yourself in an infusion with the intention of aiding in your spell) for these three oils. 

Supplies Needed:

  • Blue Chime Candle 
  • Master Key Oil
  • Dragon’s Blood Oil
  • Van Van Oil
  • Ground Coffee
  • Ground Cinnamon 
  • Petition Paper

Cleanse yourself, your space, and your tools. Feed your ancestors and call on their protection (or make offerings to your deities/call in protection). 

Create a crosshatch petition by writing the person’s name (or the situation) nine times, then turning the paper 90 degrees and writing your name over their name nine times. 

Without lifting your pen from the paper, write your desire (the truth about X comes out, or whatever it is you want to come to light) in a circle around the names. 

Dress the candle with the oils and lightly with the ground cinnamon and coffee.

Place the candle in a holder on top of the petition paper. Focus on your intention and light the candle. Speak your intention out loud.

Let the candle burn down and out. Once it has burned out, collect the petition and any wax remains and bury beneath bluebells. As you bury it, speak your intention for the truth to be revealed to the bluebells. 

The truth will then be revealed to you.


Jessica Ripley is a Hekatean witch, writer, and spiritual advisor from Minnesota with a lifetime of study and experience in witchcraft and spiritual practice. She owns Owl in the Oak Tarot and also writes for Witch Way Magazine. You can connect with her on Facebook.

featured image via pixabay. 

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