Why Dreams Are Worth Exploring

Why Dreams Are Worth Exploring November 12, 2021

Dreams give us insight into who we are and what’s going on in our hearts and minds. I’ve written about different kinds of dreams and dream states in the past. The world of dreams is so vast and fertile with information, but most people don’t give their dreams any thought.

Last night one of my cats woke me up multiple times, but in between these interruptions I was dreaming of Paris. Or, rather, I was dreaming that I had a flight to Paris to catch but was unaware of the exact time of the flight, and there were multiple trivia questions standing my way. I was also having difficulty determining what to pack for the trip, what to wear to the airport. Then halfway to the airport I realized I forgot my pocketbook. It was really a traveler’s nightmare.

Interpreting this dream isn’t too difficult. There are a lot of new things on my horizon and I can’t say I feel entirely prepared for them. I am the kind of person who works in multiple directions and needs variety. So of course it was difficult to determine in my dream what clothes I would bring. I still have shadow work to do, so of course I forgot my pocketbook containing my ID. I don’t know the next steps are that I want to focus on taking, so of course there were myriad trivia questions to answer and I didn’t know the the exact time of the flight. But at least I knew the destination, and I wasn’t worried about the plane leaving without me.

My dream reflected back to me the turmoil I’ve been experiencing both consciously and under the surface. It also gave me hope, because in the dream I was solving the problems and facing the setbacks and seemed to know the plane would be waiting for me. Our dreams can connect us to ancestors and spirits, they can reveal what’s lacking in our lives, our deepest fears. If you’re thinking of taking up a new spiritual practice, dream work promises measurable results and daily guidance.

Do you practice dream work or dream divination? Tell me about it in the comments!


Jessica Ripley is a Hekatean Witch of the Faerie Faith, writer, and spiritual advisor. She owns Owl in The Oak Tarot where she provides guidance as a tarot reader and creates custom spirit beads. You can also connect with her on Faceboook and on instagram at @owlintheoaktarot


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Why Dreams Are Worth Exploring
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Why Dreams Are Worth Exploring

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