December Tarot: Get Creative With Eight of Pentacles

December Tarot: Get Creative With Eight of Pentacles December 1, 2021

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These are the cards for the month of December. Eight of Pentacles is an interesting card, associated with craft and making things by hand, or being hard at work on something you love. In the Phantasma Tarot by Paulina Cassidy (pictured), the gorgeous kitten character has used the pentacles to build a sturdy path, a foundation for the castle in the sky behind him. It’s also the perfect little ledge leading to a wonderful view. The pentacles look like they are part of a root system, pollinated by the moths and the butterflies. The cat himself is showing signs of growth and blossoming, with the plants unfurling on his back. There is a peaceful expression on his face.

The eight of pentacles coupled with “Create” from the Earthly Souls and Spirits Oracle by Terri Foss is an unmistakable message for December about putting energy into what we love and exploring old and new creative endeavors. I think it’s also a message about rediscovering the magic in the world and within ourselves. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a sense of wonder opens new doors. Doing something new and creative produces a sense of possibility like no other. It reminds us of our power. If we take the time to honor what we create, we feel it every time.

When we are creative, we are in the flow of primal, vital life force energy. Every day we remake our worlds when we open our eyes. Our collective consciousness sets certain paramaters and we choose how we respond to them. The boundaries we set, the decisions we make, all make up our lives. One small change of habit can shift the direction of an entire life.

The Magic of December is Creative

I think December will always be a special month in my heart because my mother always worked hard to create an atmosphere of magic, possibility, and wonder. She created loads of cookies, fudge, and decorated our home, encouraging our participation as a family. She taught me what celebration is all about, and how to lean into a season and make it beautiful and prosperous.

Every day we are gifted little presents, little pockets of extraordinary truth and possibility. It’s easier to notice in December when the air is alive with magic and myth and anticipation. If you’re in love with the magic of the season, it’s not a far cry from recognizing the magic within. December highlights the superb gift that it is to be part of this living, breathing, deeply feeling and interconnected planet.

Creativity Requires Solitude and Joy

There is something to be said for time alone when it comes to creativity. Taking time alone makes space to get in touch with our creativity, with ourselves and what we want to manifest from deep within. There are plenty of natural metaphors for this kind of creative germination. When we quiet our inner and outside worlds, we are open creativity. December tends to have a natural hush to it.

A key component to bringing anything into being is joy. Joy is a guiding light, a warmth, a hand to hold that comforts us and moves us in the direction of our deepest dreams. I’ve been known to drop the hand of joy and wander down some barren alleys, wondering how I ever got that far away from what I love and what makes me feel alive. Thankfully, joy is not too hard to find again, especially if you take those moments of solitude to listen, pay attention and watch for it.

Take a Risk

All of the is to tell you to not be afraid to expand your world. Try new things, make time for new experiences, make space to discover what you really want for yourself. Don’t forget your power. Remember that you can cultivate an atmosphere of joy, love, wonder, community. Your actions will always create something. You might as well make sure your creations reflect what you value. If you’re struggling this winter, you’re not alone. Create community by reaching out.


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Jessica Ripley is a Hekatean witch of the Faerie Faith, writer, herbalist, and spiritual advisor from MN. She also writes for Witch Way Magazine, and owns Owl in the Oak Tarot where she works as a tarot reader. You can connect with her on Facebook or via her website 

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