January 2022 Tarot: Love and Hope With the Ace of Cups

January 2022 Tarot: Love and Hope With the Ace of Cups December 30, 2021

It delighted me to pull the Ace of Cups for all of us for January. I think many of us have normalized the constant or near-constant negative commentary around us about the state of the world and about life, to the point where we may not even realize how we are affected. It’s true that the world has its problems, and it’s also true that we can get caught up in them and forget to see the good. It’s deeply detrimental to feed our minds and hearts with destructive criticism and musings on hopelessness and powerlessness. The Ace of Cups reminds us that we are powerful, that we are blessed.

ace of cups

The Ace of Cups Is All About Embracing the Good

I love this card from the Phantasma Tarot. The beautiful young woman embraces the gorgeous peacock. The peacock is abundant with ostentatious feathers and has gifted some to the woman to adorn her hair. The woman is literally embracing beauty, spiritual love, self-confidence, abundance. Peacocks herald new opportunities and spiritual growth as well, and in this embrace there is the acceptance of these blessing. The message for us doesn’t get any clearer than that. This is exactly what we are to do.

Practicing Self Love and Accepting our Blessings

So let’s lighten up, find joy in every day, practice gratitude. Let’s celebrate our accomplishments, take pride in ourselves, grow in self-confidence. Self-love isn’t some foreign, woo concept or theory. Self-love is tangible and actionable. Self-love is or isn’t present in how we think and speak about ourselves, and the importance we place on our own needs. It’s present in how we show up for ourselves, in the boundaries we set with others, in the food we eat. Self-love is or isn’t present in what we dwell on, what we say yes to, what we walk away from. We should take some time with the upcoming new moon on January 2nd to reflect on whether or not we are actively showing up for ourselves.

January is also a time to reconnect with doing things for the simple joy of the activity. Relationships that have been suffering will likely see a fresh start, or at the very least the hope of healing. We will benefit from actively pursing a connection with nature, and fostering the relationships that make us feel good about ourselves. It’s time to let the people and places go that seek to tear us down, whether intentionally or inadvertently.



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Jessica Jascha is a Clinical Herbalist, Intuitive Consultant and writer in Minnesota. She also writes for Witch Way Magazine. Work with her for holistic consultations, intuitive consultations, monthly moon rituals and connect with her on Facebook.

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