Why Self Love is the Way of the Witch

Why Self Love is the Way of the Witch September 5, 2019

Though most witches come from cultures steeped in patriarchy that hammer in doctrines of inherent unworthiness, the mere fact that we exist as witches and work our wills to meet our needs and change and improve our lives is a rebellious act of self-love so deep and intrinsic that it transforms the roots within our souls themselves.

We walk the crooked path and in so doing come to know ourselves in a deeper way. We recognize our own voices in the cacophony, we follow our own ways, we step forward in our higher calling claiming our right to bless, hex, create, destroy, harm, and heal, as our spirits guide us.

The intersection of self-love and magick is immutable. Witchcraft is always an act of self-love. Every time we do a working to right a wrong done against us or those we love, every time we do a working for abundance or prosperity, for healing, for cord-cutting, for relationships, for anything, we are showing that we matter to ourselves and that we believe we deserve better and will do what we must do to make it so. When we do these workings on behalf of others we are showing that same love for them, which is born from first loving ourselves.

This deep self-love is what makes our magick effective. We know we deserve what we seek, we have faith in the outcomes of our workings and trust in our abilities. We benefit from allowing this to permeate all that we do, every aspect of our lives. There is no virtue in compulsive self-sacrifice or eschewing our power. There is no benefit to us, or to those we love, in allowing this fear masquerading as compassion to color our actions and interactions.

We face messages of shame and indictments of selfishness for walking the path of the witch, for choosing to brandish our love for ourselves. Let them fall impotent before the steel of our knowledge and wisdom. Let them be swallowed into the earth who knows nature by nature. We’ve had enough of the condescending moralization of our choices by those who want us to lie down and be malleable to their wills and desires.

Love yourself, witch, and revel in it in the face of those who would malign you.

Let them have their shame. We will have our freedom from it.

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